Which Is Dumbest Country In The World?

As countries vary dramatically based on their economic and technology prowess, it makes us wonder if the combined intelligence of people has to do something with it. While its certainly challenging to determine the intelligence level of people in various countries, we can at least get an idea based on parameters like quality of education, patent applications, internet access, average IQ levels, etc. Based on these factors, here’s a quick look at some of the dumbest countries in the world.

Burundi – Located in Africa, Burundi is home to around 12 million people. Agriculture is the primary GDP contributor and employs around 90 percent of the population. Some of the main exported items include gold, coffee, tea, wheat flours and various mineral ores. Average IQ in Burundi is 72.09, which is below global average IQ of 85. The country has not filed any patent application and only around 1.3 percent of the population has access to internet.

Mauritania – Located in Northwest Africa, Mauritania is home to around 4.6 million people. Majority of the population relies on agriculture. Primary export items include iron ore, gold and sea food. Average IQ in Mauritania is 59.76. The country has not filed any patent applications and around 6.2 percent of the population use internet.

Sierra Leone – Located in West Africa, Sierra Leone has population of around 7 million. Around 2/3rd of the population in Sierra Leone is dependent on agriculture. Primary exported items from Sierra Leone include titanium ore, aluminum ore, wood, diamonds and cocoa beans. Average IQ in Sierra Leone is 45.07, which is way below the world average IQ. The country has 0.0426 patent applications per million population and only 1.7 percent people use internet.

Mozambique – Located in southeast Africa, Mozambique is home to around 30 million people. It is among the most heavily indebted poor country in the world. Agriculture remains to be the mainstay for majority of people in Mozambique. Primary items exported include coal, petroleum gas, aluminum, wood and gold. Average IQ in Mozambique is 72.5, which is lower than global IQ average. Mozambique has zero patent applications and 5.4 percent of population uses internet.

Chad – Located in Africa, Chad is home to around 16 million people. It is one of the poorest nations in the world, with around 4/5th of the population living below poverty line. Agriculture is the primary contributor to GDP and crude oil is the largest source of export earnings. Earlier, cotton used to be the primary export commodity in Chad. In comparison to average global IQ of 85, Chad has below average IQ of 78.87. It has zero patent applications and only around 2.3 percent of people have internet access.

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