Who Enjoys Sex More: Men Or Women?

This is one question that most people would have their opinions on. However, as pleasure derived from sex is a subjective matter, people’s opinions are usually guided by their preconceived notions, biases, and things that they were told by their peer groups. Furthermore, there’s currently no scientific apparatus or formula that can quantify pleasure experienced by men and women.

So, is there no way to determine who derives more pleasure from sex? Well, we certainly cannot reach a conclusive statement, but can work on approximations based on known facts. Here are some factors that may indicate who enjoys sex more, men or women.

Sex drive – Men usually have a stronger sex drive in comparison to women. Men get turned on with the slightest of thoughts and sometimes for no reason at all. You can blame it on the naturally produced steroid hormone testosterone that dictates sexual function among other things. In comparison, women need a lot more foreplay to get aroused. In a study, it was found that most men below 60 years of age think about sex at least once a day. In comparison, only around 25 percent of women had such feelings.

Orgasm – If we talk specifically about orgasm, women are better placed in comparison to men. That’s because women can have multiple orgasms without requiring breaks in between. In comparison, a man’s physical and emotional systems need some rest before they can orgasm again. But orgasms can be a bit tricky for determining sexual pleasure, as women tend to get less of it.

In a study, it was found that while men orgasm most of the times, women are able to achieve it only around 70% of the time. Another thing about orgasms is that it’s easier for men to achieve it. While men can achieve orgasm in as little as two minutes, women may take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to orgasm.

Emotional connection – In case of men, sex with any woman they find attractive would be pleasurable. In comparison, most women would first prefer some sort of emotional connection or a relationship before they are able to derive max pleasure from sex. Women are essentially looking for men who would make good daddies. In comparison, men are driven by their evolutionary tendency to spread their seeds.

Based on the above facts, it’s obvious that deciding who derives more pleasure from sex is not so easy after all. On the positive side, the above points do reveal that men and women need to be aware of each other’s needs and act accordingly to derive max pleasure from sex.

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