Why Introducing Yourself At An Interview Is So Tough

We know ourselves inside out and yet when it comes to introducingourselves at an interview, most of us find it difficult to express ourselves. The moment we are asked “tell me something about yourself”, we tend to fumble with words. Leadingpsychologists say that introducing ourselves at an interview is difficult because there’s too much information that needs to be summarized. If a friend asked you to introduce yourself, you probably won’t feel any hesitations and can continue to speak for quite a long time. But at an interview, the information needs to be summarized and there’s the additional pressure of ensuring that you talk about relevant things only. This is where things get a lot more complicated, resulting in self-introductions that did not sound as expected.

Self-introduction is where most interviews begin, so it’s necessary that you ace this part of the interview. If you can introduce yourself without hesitations and without losing narrative, it would help create the right first impressions on the interviewer. You will also feel confident about yourself and be in a positive state of mind to tackle the rest of the interview. Here are some key things you can do to introduce yourself at an interview in a confident and effective manner.

Prepare yourself: You need to practice your self-introduction speech several times before taking the interview. You should prepare a full script and rehearse it several times. You can do it in front of a mirror/camera or ask a family member or friend to assist you in conducting a mock interview.

Focus on academics and professional career: While you may have a lot to say about who you are as a person, your likes and dislikes, your political opinions, etc., it’s better not to bring these at the interview table. You should provide a brief description about yourself, where you studied and your professional career. When talking about your career, start with your most recent job and then briefly describe your past work experiences.

Talk about your achievements: If there are any achievements during your school, college or professional career, you can mention these in your introduction. Just provide a brief description and try not to sound pompous.

When you are introducing yourself at an interview, make sure you appear confident and exude positive vibes. You should not have any kind of fear in your mind, as it will be obvious to the interviewer at the subconscious level. Last but not least, carry a pleasant smile that looks genuine and shows that you are delighted to be here and looking forward to be a part of theorganization.


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