Why Rebound Relationships Are Useful?

Breakup in a long-term relationship is emotionally draining and the road to recovery can be an arduous journey. However, things can be made better with a rebound relationship. A study conducted recently came up with evidence that people who choose rebound relationships are able to deal with theirbreakup in a better way. To better understand the importance of rebound relationships, let’s take a look at some of its key benefits.

Helps get over loneliness:Breakups often lead people to cut off ties with the world, which eventually makes them very lonely. Loneliness adds to the problem of breakup and it can be even more devastating. It has been shown in clinical studies that loneliness can causevarious types of health issues. A rebound relationship will at least provide some company, if not love to begin with.

Accelerates the healing process: A lot of things need to heal inside a person after they have gone through a rough breakup. The affected individual might keep thinking about their past and may find it difficult to move on. A rebound relationship can come handy, as it will provide the right diversion, allowing the person to let go of the past and start life afresh. Emotional healing will thus be a lot faster as compared to people who stay lonely after a breakup.

Builds confidence and self-esteem: A person’s confidence and self-esteem take a huge hit after a breakup. People experience an identity crisis of sorts and may begin to question theirexistence. Such things can affect their relationships with their friends and family and also impact theirprofessional career. A rebound relationship can help boost confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to start feeling desirable again.

Helps avoid reentering toxic relationships: In case of traumatic breakups, it’s best not to try to make amends. However, sometimes people feel so lonely and desperate that they crave for their past relationship. A rebound relationship can be useful in avoiding the past completely and give the confidence to exploresomething new.

Rebound relationships are best taken as short-term medicine and the affected person should not become dependent on them. If dependency occurs, then it might again lead to emotional stress and anxiety. It would be like going from one bad patch to another. One should also not have lofty expectations in such relationships. People involved in rebound relationships should be clear about their goals, honest with each otherand understand each other’s needs.Focus should be on friendship and companionship, rather than looking for love.

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