Why You Are Likely To Fall in Love with Your Colleague

There is a general rule that people should avoid getting into personal relations at the office. Most companies and bosses frown at such relationships, as it can lead to unnecessary complications and affect the productivity of people involved. Such relations can also create embarrassing moments for other team members. There have been many cases where such relationships have led to employees being fired from their jobs. Most companies are against love blossoming in the office space, but if you ask psychologists, they will tell you that it’s normal to fall in love with your colleague. There are valid reasons for this, some of which are described below.

Lot of time spent together:Colleagues spend the entire day in the same space, which naturally brings people together. They may not be exactly holding hands all the time, but just sitting in the same area and working on the same projects can naturally boost levels of intimacy. If you consider the typical 9 to 5 job, people are spending a lot more time with their colleagues, as compared to the time spend in their home. Consider the time spent awake and not the time spent sleeping. The more time people spend together in office, the more the likelihood of love blossoming inside office spaces.

Better opportunities to know one another: When on a date, conversations are usually formal to begin with. There is not much that people can freely talk or discuss on their first date. However, if you consider the office environment, you notice that colleagues freely interact with each other on a wide variety of topics. During work hours, projects, deadlines and strategies are discussed and during lunch and tea breaks, various random topics take center stage. All these conversations help people to know more about the choices and preferences of their colleagues. If the chemistry is right, the sparks start flying soon after.

Emotional dependence: People spending long hours at the office tend to develop emotional dependence. Being with someone for extended periods can become a habit. They might start missing their colleague when they may not be there in the office. This habit can be described as emotional dependence and it can also be termed as love.

Many people have found love at their office, but not all stories have had a happy ending. Some office romance stories have ended as complete disasters, causing much pain and agony to the people involved. People should be careful in such relationships and they should take mature decisions so that work is not affected. Work is a priority at office and everything else comes later. People in love with their colleagues should focus on their work at office and personal relations should be kept for spaces outside the office.

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