Will Your Pet Dog Eat You If You Died?

No doubt, dogs are adorable, cute and loving. A pet dog can also protect its owner and other loved ones from harm. We have seen various cases where dogs have served as protectors for kids and adults alike.

However, just like the two sides of a coin, there are also some unnerving facets of human and dog relationship. One of the worries people have is their dog’s behavior in case they die alone in a locked house. It brings up the question whether a hungry pet dog will eat their owner if they die. To answer that question, here are some important things to understand.

Licking, biting and eating

Different experts have different views on a pet dog eating their dead owner. Such cases have been reported many times over the years. Someone is alone with their pet dog in a house, and when they die, the pet dog starts to eat their body. However, the sequence of how it happens could shed more light on dog behavior.

According to some dog experts, the pet dog may try to wake up their master when they stop responding. Dogs will first likely lick the individual’s face. If that does not help, the dog may become anxious and agitated. They may then resort to biting the owner. Even at this point, they may only be trying to wake their owner. But things change when blood starts to ooze out. This is when animal instincts may take over.

Will a hungry dog eat its dead owner?

There is a general perception that the dog may eat its dead owner once they become hungry. However, hunger is not necessarily a criterion for a dog to eat its master after death. There have been cases where dogs have eaten their dead owners even when dog food was readily available on their plate. This shows that hunger is not a prerequisite for a dog to eat their dead owner.

Does size matter?

One also wonders if the size of the dog can be responsible for aggressive behavior. While this may be true to some extent, dogs of all sizes have been involved in consumption of dead human flesh. However, it is also true that larger dogs can do more damage and eat more of the flesh.

Abused vs. loved and cared dogs

Some people may also believe that dogs may resort to eating their dead owners only if they were abused by their owners. However, that is not the case. Based on inputs from relatives and neighbors, it has been noted that even well-cared and loved dogs may eat their dead owner.

Other pets can also eat their dead owners

Dogs are not alone in showing such behavior. It would be wrong to highlight only dogs. That is because even other pets like cats have been involved in eating their dead owners. Other small mammals and even birds are known to nibble away at their dead owners. Beyond a point, any flesh-eating animal will resort to such behavior.

If you are living alone with your dog, make sure there is someone who can check on you if you stop responding. As a society, people should keep an eye on their neighbors. Especially when there is someone who is ill, old or vulnerable.

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