You’ve a Friend Mummy; Let’s Mush

Mush has been described as a revolutionary social networking platform that connects mums with other like-minded mums in the neighborhood. With its rising popularity, Mush is also being referred to as the Tinder for mums. It has more than 100,000 subscribers in UK alone and the numbers are climbing in Australia as well. Launched in 2016, Mush has become widely popular in UK and is frequently featured on television and in print media.

The journey began when Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor met in a playground in south-west London. It was a cold, rainy morning and both mothers were in the park with their two year old kids and two week old babies. Something clicked between the two instantly, and it was not a romantic connection. Rather, it was the universal connection that a mother feels for other like-minded mums.

The two mothers quickly developed a close friendship and they became a support system for each other. They also realized that they lived quite near to each other and had common Facebook friends. As they continued to interact with each other, Sarah and Katie realized that other mums may also be facing issues and challengesrelated to their motherhood. This inspired them to develop Mush, a dedicated social media platform that helps mums to find other mums.

Motherhood has its share of joys, but at times it can also get tedious and lonely. This is exactly where Mush can help mums to overcome theirloneliness by sharing their experiences with other mums. Just by expressingtheir thoughts and emotions, mums can feel alright about themselves and be at peace with the knowledge that they are not the only ones facing the typical challenges of motherhood.

With Mush, mums can find the best match based on their specific tastes and preferences and the age of their kids and new born babies. It is a great asset to be able to talk and share with another mother who has kids the same age. Mush also has inbuilt messaging, which can be used to connect to and communicate with other mums in the community.

With its huge potential for global success, investors are putting in a great deal of money in Mush. The startup by mums and for mums has received funding worth £2.9 million. Top investors include Octopus Ventures, Mustard Seed and Crowdcube.Mush has plans to expand operations in other countries also and there’s plenty of scope for this, as a mother’s need to connect with other mums is a universal thing.

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