Zebra Techies Solution Set To Launch SaaS-based Web Properties Analysis Tool For Digital Companies

Audilytic – a SaaS-based data analysis system by Zebra Techies Solution – will address the challenges of manually conducting market research, track everything that affects a website’s digital marketing performance, and help webmasters discover issues that they may not have noticed before.

Kolkata, India, January 5, 2023 – To win in a competitive digital landscape, you need the right data and take a data-driven marketing approach to get ahead of your competitors. Before you start marketing your brand, you should understand what your competitors are doing, their marketing strategies, and the current competitiveness.

Auditylic of Zebra Techies Solution will bring forth granular data in the form of a fact-check report, pointing out current status of a website, its potential, errors, its real position in view of its market competitors, and a lot more, comparing market competitors’ standing and taking in view of the status of webmaster’s digital web properties like their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Amazon Store, etc. and then present a detailed marketing audit report with simplistic interpretation of data report so that even a layman can easily and quickly understand what is the error and what needs to be fixed.

By accessing the granular report in a streamlined format with data from Google Search, Google Analytics, brand’s Facebook page, webmasters will feel more confident to position their brand to the market. Because data-driven campaign strategy must push them ahead of their competitors and whatever they will be doing will be like they’re already in the know of their competitors strategies.

“With our super intuitive Audilytic platform, you will get the report in just a few seconds and be able to understand what are the errors and what needs to be fixed through the simplistic data interpretation that even a layman can easily and quickly understand. In our digital marketing experience of over a decade, we found that most marketing report data looks incomprehensible to majority of webmasters, our power-packed tool will help them understand them easily and quickly and 100% power max their marketing campaign with real data that no similar tools will compete with Audilytic,” sounded super hopeful Mr. Anirban Das, the CEO of ZTS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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