10 Amazing Facts About Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has remained a hotly debated topic since several decades. Although scientists don’t believe there is anything supernatural, it is also true that several ships and planes have disappeared in the region. Irrespective of whether Bermuda Triangle holds some great secrets or not, one thing is certain that it always intrigues us. Here are some interesting facts about Bermuda Triangle that every truth seeker must know.

Lost ships and planes – A number of ships and planes have disappeared inside the Bermuda Triangle. It includes HMS Atalanta, USS Cyclops, Flight 19, Star Tiger and Star Ariel, Douglas DC-3, Connemara IV and KC-135 Stratotankers.

Busy traffic – Sea and air travel in Bermuda Triangle are just as normal, as in any other part of world’s oceans. There are no restrictions whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the sea route that passes through Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest in the world. Moreover, there is no extra charge for travelling or transportation in this region.

Rough weather – The region is known for its violent weather with hurricanes and tropical storms occurring quite regularly. This could possibly have been responsible for some of the mysterious incidents that have occurred inside Bermuda Triangle.

Not official – Even though tons of stuff has been written about Bermuda Triangle, it is not an official region recognized by any country. Bermuda Triangle is just a loosely defined region located in western part of North Atlantic Ocean. It is also referred to as Devil’s Triangle.

Deepest point – Milwaukee Deep is the deepest point in Atlantic Ocean, as per current records. It is considered to be located just inside or close to Bermuda Triangle. Many people believe that there is something hidden inside the depths that causes mysterious events in Bermuda Triangle.

River inside – The Bermuda Triangle has the Gulf Stream, a large ocean current governed by thermohaline circulation. In simple terms, it’s like a river flowing within an ocean. This surface current travels at around 6.6 ft per second. It may have been responsible for some of the unusual incidents reported in Bermuda Triangle.

Methane hydrates – Many theorists believe that Bermuda Triangle has massive fields of methane hydrates. When water is saturated with methane bubbles, it can make the water lose its buoyancy. It can cause ships to sink quite fast and without warning. This phenomenon has already been demonstrated in laboratory. However, presence of methane hydrates in Bermuda Triangle has not been conclusively established.

Compass variations – Some researchers believe that the region has magnetic variations. Due to this, ships and planes may tend to lose track of their route.

Lost continent of Atlantis – Some writers believe that Bermuda Triangle is home to the lost continent of Atlantis. It is believed that some ancient technology may be responsible for the disappearance of ships and planes in the region.

Parallel Universe – A section of researchers believe that Bermuda Triangle is home to a parallel universe. It is believed that the lost ships and planes have entered a parallel universe. Some theories also talk about things like alien interference, UFOs and wormholes.

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