10 hotels you won’t believe actually exists

When poring over the internet in search of a hotel, most visitors base their choice on factors like location, comfort, and affordability. Usually guests prefer something extra ordinary, different from the usual architecture along with unusual features that isn’t readily available, and you will be able to find it around the globe if you know where to look at.

Not every hotel is designed only for placing your head down or to halt in between your trips. There are works of art all around, providing magnificent view from the roof, and bold statements engraved in the buildings. Read on to discover what the top 10 extremely unique hotels located in the world.

  1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

With its opulent art, indoor canal, outdoor plaza, casino, crystal pavilion, theatre and museum looking like a lotus flower

The infinity pool located at a height of 55 stories deserves the honor. It is considered as the largest of its kind. The infinity pool generates the illusion of water heading to the horizon and ending up in a sheer drop. But in real life, it spills over into a watershed where it’s reheated and filtered before pumping it back to the main swimming area. In 2010, this triple tower development was worth £4 billion and was considered to be one of the world’s expensive hotels which offer a stunning view of the city.

  1. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Situated in the medieval town of Elciego, architect Frank Gehry’s masterpiece is seen as a strikingly aesthetic figure against the backdrop of sleepy residential buildings and vineyards.

Vast sheets of claret titanium were used to construct this breathtakingly beautiful hotel. The inner wall is of maple wood and has marble bathrooms. The hotel is considered to be the dream of every wine enthusiast which works as a piece of art and lets you sleep in it as well. With wine inspired spa therapies, terraces which overlook the beautiful vineyards, the hotel will provide you a very soothing and relaxing vacation.

  1. Crane Hotel, Faralda Amsterdam

It is located at NDSM shipyard and set in the former harbor crane at 165 feet high. Between the years 1894 and 1979, this five-star hotel was used to haul cargo. But now it has been reconstructed with three luxurious suites and king-sized beds along with a communal spa pool. Isn’t it aesthetic? Staying in a historical monument can be quite a thrilling experience.

  1. Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

This hotel too embraces industrial themes, but reflects the mixture of science fiction elements and industrial themes. If HG Wells would have been asked to build a hotel, he would have come up with a similar idea. This hotel is located about 6.2 miles from the Liberec city. Though it looks to be on the alien side, but the view that it offers is purely stunning, which is why, it is rated as one of the top tourist attractions in the vicinity.

  1. Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Switzerland

You might have seen many unique and quirky hotels, but the one with its own private mountain is something distinctive. For skiers, this hotel is a splendid haven which provides the chance to climb to the slopes via the Tschuggen Express, or even directly from their room. Inspired by the dramatic snowy vistas, the building’s high-rise exterior was built. But when you step inside, the view is completely modern and elegant.

  1. Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, China

Located on the shore of Yanqi Lake, around 60 kilometers away from the Beijing’s city center, stands the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel which is an architectural wonder in the heart of China.

This orb-shaped building is a metaphor made from mortar, brick and glass designed for resembling the rising sun and also to symbolize the country as an economic superpower in the following years.

The entrance is quite odd, and is shaped like the mouth of a fish. The reason behind it is, it represents prosperity from the front, and also resembles a scallop from the side angle which symbolizes fortune.

  1. Illuminated Ice Hotel, Sweden

Rooms of the Illuminated ice Hotel, are made up of sculptured ice from the neighboring Torne River and is the coolest place you can visit to spend the night in Sweden.

The temperature keeps fluctuating between -5 to -8 degrees, but guests are not likely to catch a chill since they are provided with thermal sleeping bags, which are placed on top of Carpe Diem beds covered with reindeer hides. In the name of novelty and art, this hotel was constructed.

Those who want to enjoy these things without sleeping in freezing conditions, warm rooms are available for them. These rooms come with dining areas, flat screen TVs and a private bathroom possessing heated showers.

  1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The Hotel Kakslauttanen provides its guests with cozy glass igloos where they can lie in bed with Northern Lights illuminating overhead. This icy destination is located in the Finnish resort of Kakslauttanen which provides Kelo cabins for tourists who wish to upgrade. However, there is no difference between the igloo and these rooms. They offer the same illuminating views as igloos. 

  1. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

The Huzhou will appear to be a large neon donut tower over the landscape of China. Here, the features and facilities outweigh its architecture. One of the most striking feature is an underwater bridge that connects the two towers. What steals the show is the third-largest freshwater lake in China, Lake taihu. The entire building is lit up by the night, just like a Christmas tree, reflecting spectacular illuminations that can be noticed by people across the city.


Almost entirely the hotel is constructed with glass and a suspended terrace overhanging a gorge. The open-plan interior is equally enticing with open expansive viewing decks and fireplaces. Built in the natural rock formations, the hotel provides a breath-taking panoramic bush view of the Wingercarribee River. The miraculous combination of tranquility, privacy and luxury provides total peace and harmony.



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