5 Signs That Say You Don’t Want To Be Single Anymore

Being single has its perks and benefits, but there comes a point in our lives when we start questioning ourselves whether we are on the right track. Being single can be an important journey in your life, but like all journeys, this too has an end. But, how do you know for sure that it’s time to stop being single? Well, such things can be confusing to say the least. Here are some signs that will tell you that you don’t want to be single anymore.

You have started seeking stability: You had plenty of fun and had taken quite a few risks during your singlehood, but now you have started looking for stability. The stability you desire is evident in your work, relations and everything else that’s there in your world. Looking for stability is a sign of maturity, which in turn indicates that the time has come to settle down. Having stability will be helpful in both your personal and professional life.

You have started saving: When you are single, you hardly ever think about savings. You tend to spend all that you earn on things that you like, even when you may not necessarily need them. However, when you are ready to settle down, you will start thinking about your future and start saving. You would start thinking about investments and insurance, which can help secure your future. This is a sign that you are looking to find someone and settle down.

You feel you are in love: You will experience this if you already know someone who seems like a perfect partner. You will start thinking about your future together and want to be more serious in the way your relationship is developing. However, make sure that the other person is also experiencing similar feelings and that it is not a case of one-sided love.

Casual dating no longer interests you: You may have had a great time in casual dates, flings and one-night stands, but now you are looking for a more mature and fulfilling relationship. You feel the need to be emotionally connected to someone and to be able to share and listen to each other’s stories.

You like being with couples: When friends get married, it creates a barrier with the ones that are still single. However, if you don’t mind spending time with your couple friends, it’s a sign that you have started appreciatingtheir way of life. It also reveals that you too want to experience something similar, like a marriage or a live-in relationship.

There can be other signs as well that indicate that you are ready to ditch your single status. The signs would be more evident in case you have met someone recently and a relationship is developing between you two gradually. If there isn’t any such person and still you can feel the signs, it shows that you have started looking for a partner to settle down.


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