Top 10 Natural Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

It’s true that various types of prescription drugs are available to boost your sex drive. However, why would you want to ingest chemicals and risk the side-effects, when the desired results can be achieved with natural food items? Sexologists say that all healthy foods you eat are good for your sex drive. Natural food items will not only boost your libido, but these also taste great and are rich in a wide variety of essential nutrients. Here are 10 foods that can help boost your sex drive.

Eggs: One of the key nutrients in eggs is amino acid L-arginine, which is known to improve erections. It can help you get healthy erections and also extend the duration of your erections. It is also helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. Eggs are versatile and you can have them anytime you want.

Almonds: These tasty and nutritious nuts contain arginine, an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation. Arginine can be useful in maintaining an erection over longer durations.

Walnuts:These can be useful in improving your fertility. Walnuts are known to improve sperm quality, in terms of their size, movement and overall vitality. Walnuts also have Omega 3 fatty acid, which is known to be helpful in improving libido.

Saffron: This is widely known as a natural aphrodisiac, which can boost your performance in bed. Saffron is used in various types of Ayurveda formulations and it is also a commonly used flavoring and coloring agent. You can add saffron to your dishes or have it with lukewarm milk to boost your libido.

Coffee: This is available in most kitchens and is known to elevate your mood. Coffee can act on your brain and help you achieveheightened arousal. You can have coffee with milk or opt for black coffee.

Steak: This has all the nutrients that are needed for improved libido. Steak is rich in iron, protein, Vitamin B and zinc, all of which can help boost your sex drive.

Chocolate: This works indirectly by elevating your mood. Chocolate triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins, which ensure the feel good factor. So, if you are feeling a little low someday, having some dark chocolate can bring you in the right mood for an engaging round of sex.

Peaches: These can be useful in improvingfertility. The vitamin C found in peaches is known to improve both quality of sperm and overall sperm count.

Watermelon:This hascitrulline, which triggers the release of arginine amino acid. Arginine is useful in getting healthy erections and sustaining them.

Avocados: These are rich in vitamin B6 and Folic acid, both of which are essential for your libido. Vitamin B6 works on the hormones, whereas folic acid boosts your energy and stamina.


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