7 Most Dangerous Jobs in India

Most people would prefer a cushy office job, where they could enjoy all the associated comforts and privileges. But, what if you were slightly different from the rest and want your job to be a lot more interesting and challenging? Well, worry not because there are plenty of jobs like these. To help you choose, let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous jobs in India.

Bomb Disposal Specialist: If you have watched movies like ‘Hurt Locker’, you would know how dangerous this job can be. This job would be appropriate for you if you like playing with fire and the adrenalin rush. Your life will be at stake every time you handle a bomb, but if you like that challenge, go for it.

Encounter specialist: Want to take on the bad guys? If yes, then the job of an encounter specialist is the most appropriate for you. The job will provide you the opportunity to become a real-life superhero who works to eliminate evil from the society. The cat and mouse game with the gangsters will be a lot more thrilling than an office job.The job would be dangerous too, as some bullets will be targeted at you.

Mountain guide: Love the mountains? If yes, you can pursue a successful career as a mountain guide. While on the job, you will be leading tourists along mountain tracks and guiding them in related tasks such as camping. The job will certainly be dangerous because mountains are tricky places even for the most experienced mountaineers.

Firefighter: This is one of the most challenging and dangerous jobs. It’s also a thankless job since you will probably be saving people’s lives and their property. The job will require you to be in good physical and mental health. You should be willing to work in shifts and for extended hours, anytime during the day or night.

Film Stuntman: This career can launch you on the big screen, but you have to accept the fact that the audience will not know it’s you. You will probably be acting as a body double for an actor. However, if you don’t mind such trivial things, you can take up the job of a film stuntman. Do remember that there have been cases where stuntmen have lost their lives or were injured while performing stunts.

Oil and gas exploration: If oil rigs and oil exploration fascinate you, it would be appropriate for you to pursue a career as an oil and gas worker. The job is mighty dangerous since there’s always the risk of explosions and fire. However, when you find oil/gas in the vast oceans, it could be quite exciting and satisfying as well.

Window washer: Don’t like working inside the office? Worry not, as you can work outside of it as a window washer. With a significant increase in office spaces in cities, the demand for window washers has also increased. It would be fun to work while hanging on to a rope and enjoying the panoramic views. However, don’t get too distracted, as a fall can be fatal.

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