What Not To Do On Your First Data

A first date can be highly complex and carry a fair bit of expectations, anxiety and nervous excitement. You would be having a lot many questions in your mind and may also be focusing on creatingthe right impressions. A first date can be the start of an exciting relationship, so it’s important to take a few precautions. If you are looking forward to your second date after your first, here are some things you should not be doing on your first date.

Be late: It’s okay to be late due to an unexpected traffic jam or any other genuine reason, but try not to be intentionally late for your first date. If you are late, it might create the impression that you are not interested. To avoid being late, start and reach the meeting point a bit earlier than the agreed time.

Dress inappropriately: On your first date, you should avoid the extremes of being overdressed or being sloppy. The former will send the message that you are trying to impress whereas the latter indicates your lack of interest in the meeting. You need to dress appropriately, something that can allow the other person to focus on you and not what you are wearing.

Discuss your ex: First date is not the time to discuss your past love. It would just show that you are still not over your earlier relationship. Discussing your ex on your first date is usually bad, even though exceptions can always be there. Why take the risk when you havehundredsof more interesting things to talk about.

Bad manners: You need not be uptight, but demonstrating some good manners will certainly be useful on your first date. For example, not slurping while having your soup, keeping your mouth shut while chewing food, etc. will definitely help create the right impressions.

Argue unnecessarily: Couples argue and fight, but two people are not couples on their first date. So, avoid arguing unnecessarily on your first date. Healthy debates are okay, but you should not try to force your viewpoint on the other person. Be wise enough to understand that it’s all about perceptions and different people can have different viewpoints on the same subject.

Last, but not least, you should not push for sex.You and your partner may have a liberal worldview, but that does not imply that you can ask for sex on your first date. In some cases, sex may be the natural outcome on a first date. However, it would be better if you do not push for it in an aggressive manner. A first date is more about knowing each other and that’s where the focus should be.


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