7 Offbeat Career Options In USA

When it comes to choosing a career, millennials today have a lot more choices, as compared to older generations. The young generation likes to do things their own way and they are looking for interesting ways to earn a living. Most millennials would definitely want to choose something more exciting, rather than settle for the usual 9 to 5 job. Here are some fun and exciting offbeat career options in USA that the young can consider for themselves.

YouTuber: People are making a lot of money on YouTube and also getting worldwide recognition. Working as a YouTuber requires some level of expertise in a particular domain and the ability to connect with the audience.

Ghost hunter: There are plenty of people who are paranoid and are willing to pay to investigate paranormal activities they might have experienced. As a ghost hunter, you need to have a thorough understanding of the spiritual realm. You will also need ghost hunting equipment to collect evidence of paranormal activities affecting your client.

Mystery shopper: Businesses want to know how customers react to their plans and strategies. You can be hired to shop at a mall or dine at a restaurant. You will be asked to describe your experience and probably fill out some questionnaires. This will likely be a side job, as you are paid a stipend that may not be much. However, you will definitely get to keep the products you buy for free.

Ethical hacker: As cybercrimes persist and grow in intensity, ethical hackers are in great demand today. Organizations want to detect bugs, loopholes and backdoors before hackers do, which is exactly where an ethical hacker can be quite useful. You need to have thorough knowledge of computer programming and networking to succeed in this job.

Professional gambler: Many a movies have shown people walking into casinos and coming out with tons of money. If you think you have luck on your side and can beat the ever watchful casinos, you might try for this career. However, the risks are quite high, because mathematically, everything tends to balance out over longer durations.

Aircraft repossessor:When someone doesn’t pay their installments for the aircraft they purchased, the lender is likely to send a pilot to take back possession of the aircraft. As an aircraft repossessor, you need to be a skilled pilot and should know how to fly various types of planes. You also need to work discreetly because what you are essentially doing is stealing a plane.

Fortune cookie writer: If you think you can write some fun fortunes that people will find interesting to read, then this career is perfect for you. Fortune cookie companies will pay you good money if your work is unique and stimulating.





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