9 ways you can live rent-free

Who does not like the idea of living rent-free anyway? Giving hundreds and thousands of your hard-earned dollars to someone isn’t easy, yet you have to live by their rules. It’s not worth the money! Aside from living with your parents, the only way to live rent-free is to buy a property for which most people aren’t ready. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to live rent-free. Here are 9 ways you can live without the headache of paying rent at a particular time.

  1. House-Sitting

With minimal effort, house-sitting provides you with a lot of opportunities to live rent-free. The responsibilities won’t go beyond basic chores to keep the home in a good shape. Find people who are going for business trips or vacations, offer them to watch their houses while they are gone. Look into vacation homeowners, if you want a long-term stay. Since they only stay at their vacation home only for a few months, this is the most desirable option to go for. They might also want someone to take care of their home in their absence. You might also get a little money for keeping a watch at their homes.

  1. Work On A Cruise Ship

Without having to spend a penny on rent, cruise ship lets you travel the world absolutely free. A wide range of positions is available on cruise ships such as maintenance, housekeeping, food service and medical staff. If you want to go for a higher level, options such as retail, photography, entertainment, It and security are also on the list. They won’t pay much but don’t forget you’re living rent-free. You’ll also get to form an international, diverse group of friends.

  1. Nannying

If you have a thing for kids, you can work as a nanny which will save you the rental fees. There are two types of nannies: travelling nannies and live-in nannies. In the case of a live-in nanny, you’ve to take care of the kids and provide them with activities to do and in return, they will provide you with their place to stay at. You can easily turn into a full-time live-in nanny which will get you a nice paycheck and a free home.

On the other hand, travelling nanny job is great to see the world and live rent-free. Some families like to travel, also, they can’t leave their kids at home alone. Parents will pay all your travel expenses and in turn, you just need to take care of their kids while you’re living rent-free.

  1. Live with family and do chores for rent

Your family may be willing to let you in when all else fails. Anyway, there’s no guarantee they’d live you rent-free. Offer to help out around the house chores to avoid paying your family rent. One of the best things about it is, you need not worry about terrible roommates. It will also save your time of touring multiple apartments.

  1. Airbnb

This app lets you list out rooms in your home to travellers. Through this app, guests can book other people’s residence instead of booking a traditional hotel room while travelling. It provides accommodation at a very low cost and also gives you the “at-home” feel. You are not just limited to book a room or two. You can list an entire home. While you’re on vacation or travelling for work, charge enough for the whole place. By doing this you could cover a few months of rent.

  1. Pet Sitting

This would be a fun way of living rent-free for pet lovers. Pet owners can’t always take their furry friends travelling with them. They would have to rely on some to hang out with their pet in exchange providing for a place to live. For the long-term, lineup few of these clients. Without having to pay rent you’ll be able to bounce between multiple houses. Most owners don’t like leaving their pets for 8 hours straight while they’re at work which creates an opportunity for you to become a live-in pet sitter. What better way to live without rent than to hang out with cute, little pets?

  1. Join the Peace Corps

To see the world and live rent-free, this is another great opportunity. You get to impact people’s lives by becoming a peace corps volunteer. These assignments typically last for two years which reduces your concern about money. Some of the Peace Corps opportunities are improving food security in Nepal, teaching English in Ecuador, assisting developing communities in Eastern Europe. It even gifts you a nice little bonus of $8,000 for reintegrating into your home location.

  1. Land an Apartment Property Management Position

Wanna live in an apartment and don’t want to pay rent at the same time? We have got a solution for you. Property management firms sometimes give their staff free units in buildings they manage to stay at. In addition to getting a rental free place, you’ll also earn a paycheck. To get jobs contact landlords directly or browse boards like Monster.com. Before giving you a free apartment, they might want some experience. Try to land a property management job while you live rent-free somewhere else which will earn you experience.

  1. Rent-for-Work

This is something where you get to live somewhere for free but you have to work to earn for your living quarters. For example, Farms. You’ll be needed to do manual labour such as moving hay bales or milking cows and you’ll be compensated with a free room. Additionally, you’ll get to experience a new lifestyle that much of the population won’t ever experience.

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