A Crypto Exchange the World awaits: Tokenz (TKNZ)

Tokenz Limited is the new centralised exchange on the block. It is all set to become a global leader in the world of crypto. Tokenz Exchange is a platform for investors and cryptocurrency traders who are looking to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order achieve maximum returns in cryptocurrency markets. The new exchange is dedicated to backing meaningful innovations to empower its users and exploring use cases for blockchain technologies across verticals. This project boosts the backing of the best thinkers, experts and innovators from the world of crypto.

Along with the best rates by aggregating liquidity across all Indian exchanges and supports of over 200 cryptocurrencies for users, Tokenz Limited offers some unique features for its Investors and users. “Spot Wallet Insurance” is one such feature that no exchange in the world offers. It promises to keep the user’s portfolio safe for the particular time it is insured for a nominal fee in return.

The other special feature is of “3% of APR per month.” The investor will be offered a .1% of APR per day. This is the extra benefit that the investor gets, apart from the gains it makes on the exchange.

Backed by celebrated and distinguished names in the industry, Tokenz Limited is the most promising Centralised Exchange right now. Ms Rimmi Sen, Director at Tokenz Limited says that “Tokenz Exchange is a platform for token holders to get access to a full range of features to maximize your trading opportunities”. Manu Prashant, Director at Tokenz Limited says “It is one of the most exciting new crypto projects that’s hitting the market, and it’s one of the most impressive already, too. With so many new cryptocurrency projects appearing on the scene, it can be difficult to know which to pay attention to. Seasoned investors are looking for a safe and reliable top-notch trading experience that everyone can enjoy while paying as little in fees as possible. And we offer just that along with scalable platforms.”

The exchange comes with its own native coin Tokenz (TKNZ) with a total supply of 500 million Tokens. At present the Private Sale is on at 6 cents per TKNZ on www.tokenzlimited.com. This seems like a golden opportunity for investors who are anticipating a huge surge in the Token’s rate in the near future. With a well-defined and clear roadmap and Tokenomics, Tokenz Limited seeks to assist investors in locating the finest trading opportunities, with a robust Smart Chain ecosystem, with low fees, high speeds and ease.

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