A timeless slice of Lebanon at Zizo, Connaught Place

A country’s cuisine reflects the culture and taste of its people. In that sense, Lebanese cuisine is one of the perfect examples of how its specialty meal preparations are inspired by nature, the area’s sunny landscapes, and the kindness and hospitality of its people. Authentic Lebanese cuisine is seen to carry a European influence and the ingredients used include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, lamb, and seafood. Foodies interested in exploring the myriad tastes and flavors of Lebanese cuisine can try Zizo, a fast casual restaurant that offers authentic Lebanese delights with a healthy modern twist.

Food and drinks – Authentic Lebanese meals at Zizo are hand-made using the freshest organic ingredients. The serving style is also unique, reflecting the light-hearted, contemporary hospitality prevalent in the country. Most of the unique oils, spices, organic herbs, and other natural ingredients are sourced directly from Lebanon, which helps ensure the true flavors of the country. Ingredients like zaatar, parsley, pomegranate, pine nuts, pistachio, figs, olives, sumac, mint, extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate flavored oil, orange flavored oil, thyme stuffed olives, sundried tomato stuffed olives, etc. are used to create the exotic flavors of Lebanon. Healthy and tasty Lebanese meals at Zizo are prepared with a slight tangy taste, which is a flavorful innovation devised by the restaurant to make the food yummier for Indian taste buds. The executive chef at Zizo is MarounChedid, one of the most successful and awarded chefs in Lebanon. He was recently awarded ‘A Toques Blanches for International Chef of the Year’, the highest International Culinary honor ever bestowed on a Lebanese. Zizo also has a bar, where you can choose from a variety of cocktails, shooters, wines, vodka, gin, whisky, tequila, rum, scotch, beers, and breezers.

Ambience – The interiors of the restaurant appear remarkably ultra-modern, luxurious and fresh. As you settle down, you will be able to identify the contemporary Mediterranean design, which has its foundations in traditionalMouneh-like preparation, set in beautiful glass jars from the country kitchen. The design, style and colors are based on an eclectic approach that reflects the rich cultural and culinary heritage of Lebanon, home to a diverse set of people with different ethnicities. The fusion of neoclassical wood works and oriental moucharabieh patterns in vibrant colors takes you on a journey to local Lebanese villages, where the Mediterranean sun shines bright to create a multitude of dancing colors.

Service–The service is inspired by contemporary Lebanese hospitality, which is all about creating the best dining experience for customers. The staff is active and courteous and service is prompt.



  • Mon-Sun: 12 Noonto 12 Midnight




  • K 18,22 Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001

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