Advantages Of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

A large number of people suffer from knee pain at different stages of life. Here, robotic knee replacement surgery can come to your rescue. Here are some of the advantages of this surgery.

We live in a day and age when there are a myriad of medical advancements to allow us to live healthier, stronger and longer lives. Currently, knee problems are increasing at an alarming rate in adults and senior citizens. If you are one of them who is diagnosed with the degenerative wear-and-tear condition called osteoarthritis or deformities in the femur after an injury then there are various reasons you should consider undergoing robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. You will be able to plan the surgery around your unique anatomy, which helps ensure the correct size and position of the implant.

Everything you need to know about robotic knee replacement surgery

A robotic knee replacement is just like a traditional knee replacement. The surgeon removes damaged tissue in the knee and replaces it with an artificial joint. The difference between both is that robotic knee replacement surgery is done with assistance from a robotic arm or handheld robotic device (depending on the robotic system used for your surgery). This technology helps the surgeon to achieve accuracy, alignment, and balance during the actual surgery. During the surgery, with the help of a robotic arm, your surgeon will shape the surrounding bone before placing the knee implant and will be able to see the knee and position the implant properly. He will map out incisions and there will not be instrument slipping or injury to other tissues. This procedure has revolutionized the knee replacement concept as it is widely done on a regular basis.

These are the benefits of a robotic knee replacement surgery

The surgery is precise, accurate, and restricted as exact incisions and angles can be targeted. This aids in securing the adjacent tissues which will not require any repair. CT scans are avoided by using an advanced computer program to collect anatomic and alignment information about the knee. So, a patient is saved from harmful radiation and other health issues linked to it. It can help in speed control. Are you aware? The exposed burr speed is altered based on proximity to the target cut surface. The surgery will aid in faster recovery, enhanced dexterity, minimum surgical complications, patient satisfaction, and less surgical trauma. This procedure has revolutionized the knee replacement concept by giving increased Safety and High accuracy. This surgery is performed with the help of a computer to ensure accurate results and there are no chances of error or scarring. It is a minimally invasive surgery that reduces post-operative pain, and bleeding, and gives better surgical outcomes. Also, there are fewer chances of infection. Rehabilitation times tend to be shorter in this surgery and there is also a lower risk of post-op complications. Thus, one can walk freely and do all the activities with ease just like before.

The last word: Depending on the condition needed to be treated, there are different robotic surgery options. Your surgeon will decide the type of surgery suitable for you after examining you thoroughly.

By: Dr Narendra Vaidya, Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Lokmanya Hospital, Pune

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