Being Naughty After Forty

Forties are the times when our mental and physicalaptitude towards sex starts to decline. However, that does not mean that you cannot have great sex after you are forty years of age. With the right tips, tools and techniques, you can still enjoy a rollicking sex life after forty. Here’s what you can do to be naughty at forty.

Women can use lubrication: In the forties, women enter the perimenopause phase, wherein they may experience vaginal dryness. This is one of the main reasons why sex may become uncomfortable for women in their forties. However, this problem can be easily avoided through the use of personal lubricants. The vaginal dryness occurs since nature has preprogrammed women for sex only up to a certain age. When the primary purpose to reproduce life is exhausted, the body automatically starts shutting down natural vaginal lubrication.Personal lubricants can provide aninstant and effective fix to vaginal dryness.

Men need to boost their erection: In the forties, a man’s natural ability to get an erection and sustain it starts to decline. It’s not that erections disappear completely after forty, but it is no longer as good as it used to be in the twenties and thirties. This decline should not be linked to erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a complete lack of erection even after sustained stimulation. To boost erections, men in their forties will need stimulation of their private parts. Certain medicines can also be used to boost erections. Men in their forties should focus on their diet as certain food items such as chillies, bananas, salmon, cherries, onions, wine, etc. can help boost erections. Exercise and yogic postures can also help boost erections. Proper erections are a must for great sex, which is why men need to focus on this.

Overcoming boredom: In the forties, the appetite for sex starts to decline for both men and women. This is the time when most sex positions and other experiments have already been tried. The overall pleasure derived from sex also continues to decline. However, people in their forties can reignite their passion for sex if they keep an optimistic approach towards life. Conversations are the key to initiate a good round of sex and it can be improved by discussing each other’s sexual fantasies, likes and dislikes. Holidays, vacations, and travel to new destinations can also help people in theirforties to eliminate the general boredom that may be affecting their sex life.

Forties is the time when you are in the process of passing the baton to the next generation and you may develop a feeling that your good times are now over. You may also be at the peak of your profession career and may not have enough time and energy to focus on your sex life. However, be informed that a healthy sex life is the key to a happy, meaningful life even for people in their forties. So, eat healthy, exercise, and use medicines and lubricants if needed, to boost your sex life after you hit the forties.

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