Big Banyan Bellissima Dessert Wine

Big Banyan Bellissima is a late harvest Muscat dessert wine, featuring a plethora of exciting and indulgent flavors. The secret to creating the magical flavors lies in the late harvest of high-quality Muscat grapes. Furthermore, the Muscat grapes are sun-soaked naturally, a process that improves the aromas and sugar content. With its intense and sweet flavors, Big Banyan Bellissima ensures a satiating end to every meal. Another great thing about the wine is its resplendent yellow color that is accentuated by the shades of amber and hints of light green. The rich yellow color symbolizes the eternal sunshine and it’s a way of raising a toast to all the good things in life.

Winemaking Style

At Big Banyan wineries, the motto is to celebrate every moment. It’s to celebrate the moment when the grapes are harvested, when the grapes are transformed into wine, and the moment when the wine is un-bottled for the delight of everyone. To make this journey possible, the company follows a meticulous process of winemaking. The finest grapes are handpicked from the acclaimed vineyards of Nasik valley and Ramnagar, and transported to the state-of-the-art winery in Goa. This is where the company’s chief winemaker, Lucio Matricardi, from Italy, gets to work his magic. Lucio utilizes his traditional winemaking secrets, his immense love and passion for winemaking, and his years of experience to create the perfect aromas and flavors.

Tasting Notes

The moment you sniff Big Banyan Bellissima, it reminds you of being in an orchard that has pears and apricots in full bloom. As you take in the aromas deeply, you can also sense the delightful, sweet scent of flowers, raisins and dried walnuts. The palate is velvety soft and sweet and the finish is smooth, featuring a minutehint of mineral.

Food Pairings

Big Banyan Bellissima works well with various desserts such as fresh cream cake, crème de chocolat, etc. You can also have it with medium-seasoned cheeses.

Other Info

  • Color: Brilliant Yellow
  • Serving Temperature: 4 – 6 degree Celsius
  • Grape Variety: Muscat

About the Owner

Big Banyan Wines is a part of John Distilleries group, a leading liquor brand with global operations. The company was founded by Paul P John, who currently serves as the Chairman & Managing Director. Led by Paul, the company has grown from strength to strength and is now the 4th largest liquor company in India, in terms of volume. Paul has also ventured successfully in the hospitality business with the luxurious five star heritage resort named Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala. Paul also owns The Paul Bangalore, an exclusive boutique hotel located in the heart of Bangalore city. Paul has been credited with creating Indian single malts for international markets, an achievement that has won him various awards and recognition.


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