How Nonverbal Communication Can Help In Job Interviews

It’s common knowledge that effective verbal communication is crucial for scoring top marks in job interviews. However, psychologists believe that non-verbal communication also plays an important role in making the right impressions during job interviews. If we look at the big picture, we can see that both verbal and nonverbal communications are necessary for achieving positive outcomes from job interviews. So, what is nonverbal communication and how it can improve your chances of getting a job. Well, here’s what psychologists have to say about the topic.

Poise: When at the job interview, you need to appear comfortable, confident and in control. Research studies have revealed that people who have the right poise have a better chance of getting the job. Things like nervousness and anxiety can show on your face and reflect in your body language, which can create doubts in the mind of the interviewer. To avoid such negative body language, you need to practice several times before attending the job interview.

Interest: You need to show genuine interest in the job. This can be done both verbally and nonverbally. For the latter, you need to be attentive, sit straight, and make eye contact wherever needed. Don’t overdo the eye contact part, as it can be unsettling and embarrassing for the interviewer. You should also avoid negative body language such as looking away, yawning, looking bored, etc.

Positivity: You need to come across as a person who has a positive outlook about life. This should reflect in the words you speak and also through your body language. You should smile occasionally and show other positive traits such as excitement, energy, enthusiasm, etc. You need to avoid negative expressions such as anger, dejection, exasperation, etc.

Sophistication: You need to come across as a suave, sophisticated person, who can be an asset when interacting with organizational members and clients. The tone of your voice, speech rate, the pauses you take, your facial expressions, hand gestures, all combine to reflect the person you are. If you are not there already, you can practice by watching videos of successful people like CEOs, diplomats, etc. The way these people carry themselves will give you the right idea about how to present yourself as a sophisticated individual.

You have to be consistent in both verbal and nonverbalcommunication to achieve desired results in job interviews. You should not assume that you can be strong in one and weak in another. You have to be good both verbally and nonverbally to be able to get the dream job you aspire for.

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