Can A Hickey Kill You?

Hickeys aka love bites are the real evidence of an intense and passionate relationship. It happens when our animal instincts take over during love making and we tend to lose all control. Hickeys are especially common in a new relationship or among recently married couples. That’s not to say that there isn’t much flame left in a long-term relationship to make hickeys possible.

While hickeys are usually covered in public places, many folks like to flaunt it among their close friends and relatives. This has been a common trend seen on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Can a hickey kill you?

Hickeys usually leave a bruise, which is caused when tiny blood vessels beneath the skin rupture upon application of pressure or suction. As the bruises are usually dark red or purple in color, we sometimes wonder if it can cause any serious harm to us. You may also have read reports about the teenager from Mexico City who reportedly died from a hickey that he got from his girlfriend. Upon medical examination, it was found that the clot had travelled to the brain, resulting in a fatal stroke.

So, should you worry about getting and giving hickeys? Can a love bite kill you? Well, the case was widely published in the media and many doctors had responded to it. It was the majority opinion of doctors that even though death may be possible due to a hickey, it is too rare to warrant any safety guidelines for hickeys. That essentially means that you will be safe in most situations and are unlikely to die from a hickey.

How a hickey can cause death?

Even though extremely rare, a hickey can sometimes prove fatal or cause serious health problems. It can happen if a hickey results in a blood clot in one of the arteries that supply blood to the body. This is possible in case of arteries that are located close to the skin such as the carotid artery that supplies blood to the brain. For example, if a hickey happens on the neck, it could lead to internal rupture of the artery and create a blood clot. This clot can travel further up and block blood supply to the brain. This eventually can cause stroke.

Should you be cautious about hickeys?

Doctors usually don’t recommend that because being cautious will probably spoil your love making. As mentioned earlier, the risk of serious issues or fatalities due to hickeys is extremely rare. So, you can enjoy your romps freely without any worries about dying from a love bite.

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