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The CONG Token is the new crypto hype

The Conglomerate Capital, the project that was able to attract investments from notorious capitalists and blockchain-companies backers last year, is launching its token presale event on January 16th with a goal of USD 2.5 million. Based on the founders´ experiences, this amount will be quickly fulfilled. The world is fast changing and becoming more decentralized as it gets more digital. ... Read More »

Indian Road Races Industry Bounces Back

“The Indian running industry has shown resilience through the Covid-19 pandemic and is bouncing back”, said P. Venkatraman, Founder and CEO of YouTooCanRun while releasing the “RaceMart ‘India Road Races’ Annual Report 2019-22”. The running industry went through the pandemic and is recovering in a U-curve. This reflects the international trends across all events in the running industry. The running ... Read More »

ITSM Best Practices to Increase Business Efficiency

ITSM is a process-based approach to managing IT services, and it can be used to support an enterprise’s business objectives. With the right technology-enabled ITSM strategy in place, businesses can improve their overall performance and better meet the needs of their customers. However, investing in tools and technology plays only one part in the process. Adopting best practices to use ... Read More »

Find Banquet; a one-stop solution for all your wedding planning

Find Banquet is a budding platform in the world of wedding planning not just for the users that plan their events with the services offered by a variety of vendors but also to support the vendors to stimulate their business. If you are a wedding vendor and offering any of the services like decoration, banquet halls, makeup artists, flowers, catering, ... Read More »

Unique Guest Posting Service Provider – Thomas

If you’re looking for a unique guest posting service provider, you’ve come to the right place. Thomas has been providing the highest quality content-marketing services for many years and has helped thousands of clients create amazing marketing campaigns that drive targeted traffic and increase profits. His expertise, passion, and drive to succeed have helped him build a successful online marketing ... Read More »

Guest Posting Providers at Upwork and Fiverr

You can use either Fiverr or Upwork to find guest posting providers. One option is to create a profile that is a lot like a resume. The other option is to simply post your gigs for a fee. You can post your gigs for a fee Upwork and Fiverr are two popular freelancing websites. If you want to post your ... Read More »

How The Crypto Currency Sector Has Influenced Changes in Recruitment

The advent of crypto and the rise of these digital currencies has begun to affect all aspects and sectors of modern life. The recruitment sector is no different, and it is pertinent for all those in the recruitment and employment industry to know and understand the basics. Payments in crypto There are more employers, short-term job offers, and contractsthat now ... Read More »

What online businesses will be popular in 2023?

The constant growth of online businesses attracts entrepreneurs around the world: lower operating costs, the ability to reach players in a variety of markets, and modern promotion opportunities make online casinos and sportsbooks a highly viable business model.   Online ventures such as e-commerce, online education and consulting, online promotion, and online casinos and sportsbooks have become ideal business models ... Read More »

Where to Buy CRV Token 2023 Beginner’s Guide

Most crypto assets are subject to high volatility of the market. That is the reason why digital assets are so popular among traders. If you know how the market changes and what to expect from the asset’s price next, you can generate a profit in the long term or on a daily basis. There are also crypto assets that are ... Read More »