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MOTHERS’ DAY: By Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing, Aviva India With Mothers’ Day around the corner, we often see people talking about motherhood, but seldom do we hear about single mothers and their hardships. A single mother steps into the shoes of a mother to care for her family and simultaneously into those of a father to be the breadwinner, ... Read More »

FILMCOIN TOKEN (FLIKS) makes history with its crypto funded debut film “Tales From The Trap”

Advocates, Blockchain enthusiasts and Film Fans are celebrating the announcement of the first film ever to be fully funded by a pioneering new Film & Television Digital Currency, FilmCoin (“FLIKS”). FilmCoin has dropped the teaser trailer for their highly anticipated inaugural motion picture, Tales From The Trap; a gritty no holds barred true story set within the UK Rap Scene and telling the story ... Read More »

Online Collaboration Tools Increasing Workplace Productivity

Any effective and successful business knows the significance of workplace productivity. It is the key to win in a competitive marketplace. Being productive can help an organization in optimizing and maximizing the capacity of its human resources. In majority cases, employees who are happy and healthy are the key to the success of any organization.Time-consuming meetings, email communication, and bottlenecked ... Read More »

The Importance of Upgrading your ITSM Tools

Enterprise Service Management is often the lynchpin of satisfaction to both internal and external stakeholders of companies. The common misconception is that ITSM has to do with IT only. But, it is so much more. It is the lynchpin that holds your enterprise together. For instance, everything related to enterprise operations typically run through a gamut of sub-verticals including hardware, ... Read More »

An Insight on How to Increase Your Net Worth

When it comes to determining how much debt you have, your net worth is critical. It helps you identify areas of your financial life that need attention early on. Tracking your net worth can be aided with the Prillionaires wealth tracker app allows you to calculate and track your net worth as if you were a billionaire. Even if your ... Read More »

How to spend the perfect time in South Africa?

If you want to spend the perfect evenings of your life, you must consider many locations that would be in the position to share a calm and composed environment with you. There are very few locations that can give this Ambience to the person who wants to relax after every evening. It becomes extremely important to discover the perfect place ... Read More »

2/3rd inter-city travellers prefer SmartBuses with on-board washroom, says IntrCity’s survey

⅔ rd of surveyed travellers prioritise travelling with an on-board washroom facility, while 60% like to travel with GPS tracking enabled buses Indian travellers prefer SmartBuses and willing to pay more for their additional services Female travellers prefer safety, while men prefer punctuality when choosing the mode of travel New Delhi, April 27, 2022: With a steady decline in the ... Read More »

Financial Inclusion- Evolution and the Digital push

-by Arun Vasan Executive Director at Capco, Alexandre Bueno Head of Innovation Lab at Capco and Aline Lemos Consultant at Capco 1. Introduction: Emerging economies, such as Brazil and India, have been the growth drivers for the world economy. The fintech sector is emerging strongly in both countries, and the successful combination of technology and entrepreneurship has been fundamental to ... Read More »

Acquisition vs. Retention

The Long-Standing Debate For many years, acquisition versus retention has been a long-standing debate among marketers. As both are beneficial strategies, a unique combination is recommended based on the brandand its competitors’ positionsin the market.Let’s dive a little deeper into what these approaches mean for a business. Acquisition boosts key metrics driving a digital business, such as clicks per page, ... Read More »