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Enterprise SSDs: Know which is the right form factor for you

While it is common knowledge that solid-state drives (SSDs) are fast storage solutions, evaluating the right size for enterprise applications can be daunting. Get the form factor wrong and it may not fit in the preferred server or storage system. The form factor defines where the SSD fits, whether it is possible to replace it without powering down the server, ... Read More »

The Ulterior Motives of an Insurance Adjuster in a Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents are rising all around the country, especially in cities like Ocala. Following a truck accident in Ocala, an insurance adjuster will investigate the incident to compensate the victims. But the real motive of the insurance adjuster is not to compensate you. Speak with an Ocala truck accident lawyer to learn more about the ulterior motives of an insurance ... Read More »

Top Plywood Manufacturer In India: Confors Ply

Confors Ply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in India, providing the highest quality services while making sincere efforts to ensure customer happiness. The company offers a wide range of products that are brought together with a strong emphasis on the unique demands of clients in order to generate something different and goal-oriented. All the products are delivered in ... Read More »

Mandhir Singh Todd and his views on the Indian automotive market.

The automotive industry in India has seen exponential growth over the years. Today, the country has the potential to become the number one automotive market in the world, leading the small car market in particular. Specialist Mandhir Singh Todd explains why this phenomenon is taking place and what the prospects are for the sector.   Automotive sector: a booming industry ... Read More »

Spartan Poker announces the 14th edition of India Online Poker Championship with the highest ever prize pool of 43 CRORE

~ 142 action-packed events in IOPC featuring a total of 43 CRORE Guaranteed Monday, January 18th, 2023: It’s time for all the poker enthusiasts to #DimaagBachaoPokerMeLagao as Spartan Poker arrives with the 14th edition of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) on 19th January 2023 with a colossal 43 CRORE Guaranteed prize pool, the largest in the history of Indian ... Read More »

Indian startup launches first content platform for mental health

Comprehensive content platform covers mental health news, guest posts, features, interviews, podcasts, and more to guide Indians on their mental journey; aims to be the ‘WebMD of mental health’ for India Bangalore, Jan. 13, 2023 – Metta Media has announced the launch of MyndStories – India’s first platform for verified, accurate mental health content exclusively for Indians. MyndStories offers comprehensive ... Read More »

5 ways DLP helps secure healthcare data

Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, successfully used in many industries that need to protect personally identifiable information (PII), have been increasingly gaining traction as part of healthcare cybersecurity strategies for quite some time already. Designed to protect sensitive data rather than the systems where the data is stored, DLP security solutions offer flexible, customizable data security policies, templates, and workflows ... Read More »

Is the Fed on Course to Raise Interest Rates to 5%?

In 2022, the Federal Reserve introduced seven rate increases from March to December, in an effort to curb the raging inflation and bring it down to the 2% level. As of now, the central bank has pulled the benchmark rate to the 4.25% – 4.50% zone by raising 50 bps in its last FOMC meeting. Fed’s projections from the December ... Read More »

UK Self Sponsorship Visa for PR and Citizenship 2022 Explained by Rudraksh Immigration Group

UK has traditionally been a popular destination for Indian to migrate. People have been travelling there in search of reputed higher education institutions, great employment opportunities, or setting up lucrative businesses. Great cultural mix, English language and a tradition of Indians living there are some of the most favourable reasons why people choose it over any other nation. Recently, the ... Read More »