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Pharm Aid MD Sanjeev Nanda explains the challenges in sustainable pharma

Sustainability has emerged as a buzzword in almost every industry, and pharmaceuticals is no different. Improving sustainability while the costs of manufacturing don’t skyrocket has been a concern for the pharma sector of late. According to Pharm Aid MD Sanjeev Nanda, while several pharma processes come with high energy requirements which make them extremely expensive, finding quick and efficient ways ... Read More »

Hulu AndTop-Notch Shows On The Platform

TV shows have grown to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. In all the moments that we are sad, television series lift us up by making us laugh. On the other hand, in all the moments when we are taking life too carelessly, these shows give us a reason to think more seriously about ... Read More »

Founder of Bored Human, Rohaan believes that the digital assets’ space will rule the future

*_If one gets hold of the right NFTs, they can be assured of attractive returns going forward, says the expert._* The world of DeFi has gained traction in recent times, having drawn a number of global investors who have stepped into this space looking at its future potential. Those who only believed in traditional investment vehicles are steadily drifting towards ... Read More »

Success Story of Successful Entrepreneur Tsur Ben David

Tsur Ben David Founder and acting CEO of CET Enviro. He was a former Air Force pilot and serial entrepreneur in the field of cleantech. There is a famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. This goes pretty well with businesses and those who ... Read More »

Increased ROI with Multicloud Adoption is Attracting Organizations

Multicloud is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. The decision-makers have understood that Multicloud has made its path prominently in the evolution of cloud computing. Multicloud is an approach, where instead of investing in a single cloud service, businesses can distribute their investment in different cloud providers on varied scales and enjoy benefits provided as per their ... Read More »

Skilling and Technology Driving Economic Resurgence

In December 2020, the International Labour Organization said in a press release that around 81 million jobs were lost in Asia-Pacific alone during the first wave of the pandemic. Less than a year later, a few days before the G20 Leaders’ Summit in 2021, the International Labour Organization warned of a stalled global labour market recovery. This time was also ... Read More »

AI plus Data – Revolutionizing Sports-Tech entertainment industry Globally!

Data and analytics today play a critical role in maintaining business competitiveness and scaling growth. Most of the companies today are sitting on an untapped goldmine, which is their data. If companies get this data structured and add the magic of AI to this, the possibilities are endless. Some key benefits that companies can achieve by harnessing their data intelligently ... Read More »

Five health-tech companies offering lab tests at the doorstep

The health-tech sector has undergone some significant transformations offering maximum convenience and accuracy to the doctors and the patients. Since the pandemic, efforts have been made by the health tech start-ups to introduce services and provide facilities that help in reducing the crowd at the clinics and labs. One such example of this type of service is, providing lab testing ... Read More »

Actofit acquires affiliate marketing startup Adkitty

  Adkitty’s acquisition bulks up CoachPro’s affiliate revenue streams channels. Mumbai, May 7, 2022 – Actofit, a connected device and fitness management company, has acquired Bengaluru-based affiliate-marketing startup Adkitty, for a deal value of $1M in a cash and product mix, and is set to launch an online fitness management platform for fitness coaches within Adkitty, called Coachpro. This aligns ... Read More »