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How to ace your physics exam

Ever wonder how to ace your physics exam? This blog post covers the top 10 ways to ace your physics exam. There’s a lot of information on these methods, but it’s straightforward to understand. The best part is that the content of this article can be applied to almost any science, math, or engineering course you take. Study class 11th ... Read More »

Top 5 work from home jobs

Years back before the dawn of the internet it was a very tedious job to find work at home opportunities. It was much difficult to sort out the scammers and the real ones. But due to the technological advancements and social media influence more secure and legit jobs are coming up to the scene. So here in this article, we ... Read More »

Florida Atlantic University introduces scholarships for undergraduate Indian students in collaboration with Study Group

Hyderabad, March 14, 2022: Florida Atlantic University scholarships for international undergraduate students are available for all students from India (F-1 and J-1 degree-seeking applicants), up to four years or eight semesters, including those recruited by leading international education provider Study Group. Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is offering scholarships for incoming Spring and Fall terms to support international students to study ... Read More »

Top 5 best self-employed job

Is your 9-5 job taking a toll on your life? Then being self-employed may be the answer to your unhealthy work-life balance. People opt for self employments for many reasons like some don’t want to work under a boss , some want flexibility in their life and many others. Being self-employed is easier said than done and it might be ... Read More »

Which Country Is Cheapest To Become A Doctor?

Pursuing a career in the medical field can be quite challenging. Depending on which part of the globe you are located, you may have to pass an entrance examination. Another challenge is college fees, which is usually high in most countries. Time spent on education is also long in medical field, as compared to other streams like engineering, civil administration, ... Read More »

Techniques for remote learning and teaching

Article by Dr. Sridhar G., Founder, Deeksha The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed the popular attitude towards remote learning and has accelerated the adoption of e-learning platforms. While physical classes are beginning gradually, we may have to resort to online teaching and learning in the face of contingencies like the one we have witnessed in the past two years. And ... Read More »

Rudraksh Group Suggests Top Courses To Study In Australia For International Students

The island continent is gradually emerging as one of the most popular international destinations for Indian students to travel to, for their higher education courses. Australia presents itself as an attractive prospect due to aspects like English as the medium of communication, world-class educational institutes, decent standard of living, exposure to international cultures, unique geographical locations, etc. Rudraksh Immigration in ... Read More »