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How technology is enabling Indian students to choose suitable career paths at an early stage

Most students and learners in India struggle to identify a career of their choice even at the college level. How can technology companies help in this regard? Indian learners and their parents have traditionally adopted a conventional stance when it came to career choices. With greater exposure to global education standards, parents and learners are now able to have a ... Read More »

How To Get A Job At United Nations (UN)?

For folks who wish to contribute directly to making this a world a better place, a job at United Nations can be a step in the right direction. A job at UN promises entirely new experiences that won’t be possible in a typical 9 to 5 job. You will have the opportunity to participate in a number of field activities ... Read More »

Top 5 Study Resources to Help You During Exams

By-Neetin Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Toppr Academics and study resources go hand-in-hand. There is a wide range of academic material for students to access. With so many options available, students find it challenging to assemble accurate and verified study material. Preparing for exams using relevant study resources is crucial as it directly impacts performance in exams. In this article, we ... Read More »

7 Benefits and Advantages of opting for National Institute of Open Schooling

National Institute of Open Schooling also known as NIOS is a board for students who want to pursue their education in private mode. Essentially it can be deemed as completion of secondary and senior secondary education through correspondence. The idea of this style of approach towards education may not seem fit to many who might question its credibility, however the NIOS is a government ... Read More »

Importance of Solving Previous Years’ Papers Before Exams

The exam season has well begun across the country. After months of rigorous studies, students’ knowledge is set to be tested. Indeed, students are expected to be thoroughly prepared with important concepts and applications. With so many paper patterns and question formats, students might grapple during the final few days before exams. While there may be a time crunch to ... Read More »

How online platforms are solving doubts by connecting students to tutors in 60 seconds

Every child is born curious. The ability to ask questions stem from the curiosity within them. The ideas of innovation and creativity develop in a child only when they delve deeper into academic concepts and question the way they are. During this process, they might come across several doubts. Getting their doubts answered directly determines the progress/path of their learning ... Read More »

How to get Holistic about Hiring after ‘The Great Resignation

Hiring not just new employees, but the right ones, is incredibly challenging. Hugely resource-intensive, recruitment is far more than filtering through resumes and organising interviews. Many times, organisations fail to deliver the right information to potential prospects, and everyone loses out. What’s more is that the pandemic has also changed the relationship many have with work. For example, Fifty-two percent ... Read More »

Top 5 Courses by Kool Kanya To Up Your Social Media Game

With digital content creation and the creator economy on the rise, becoming a vital aspect of online campaign efforts by brands, Kool Kanya has introduced a comprehensive ‘Social Media for Beginners’ to familiarise women with the fundamentals of social media. The program includes the following courses – 1) ‘Learn to develop your social media content strategy’ by Sharin Bhatti This ... Read More »

Want to pursue a career in Animation and VFX?

Here’s a list of top Institutes in India that should be part of your list From shadow puppetry in the early days to Mickey Mouse to the incredible motion pictures of today, the world of animation has come a long way. India’s animation and VFX industry was valued at around 83 billion Indian rupees in 2021, despite the lapse in ... Read More »

Technology an aid to Online Schooling, enhance the learning experience

Pandemic has taught us the importance of the digital world, as our world was forced inside their houses the alternatives for shopping, grocery, offices, and even schooling became the neo-norm. People learned to use technology and made peace with it, but the education of their Kids was not such an easy thing, especially with the myths surrounding online education. Replacing ... Read More »