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What Happens To Your Bank Account After Death?

Nobody really wants to die, but death is an unavoidable part of all living beings. Things are further complicated because death is largely uncertain. We can never be sure what will happen to us in the next hour. An individual’s death can be very traumatic for loved ones. It can also create financial issues for family members if the deceased ... Read More »

Top 10 Countries With Highest Tax Rate

Tax is often a burden for most of us and we always think about ways to reduce the amount of tax charged on our income. We also have a tendency of complaining about the high tax rate. However, based on where you live, it is possible that people in other countries may be paying a much higher tax rate. To ... Read More »

Where To Invest During Covid?

Covid-19 pandemic is one single event that has impacted most countries across the globe. World economy has been majorly hit with business losses and rising unemployment. The pandemic has also ruffled the social and political fabric in several countries. Even as things are improving, threat from new variants of Covid continues to create an air of worry and uncertainty. Among ... Read More »

Top 5 World’s Most Popular Tax Havens For The Rich

Although it may be unethical, the trend of parking funds at offshore locations continues. Technology has made it difficult to evade taxes and earn black money, but loopholes still exist. The primary objective is usually to avoid tax or to park funds earned through illegal means. It could also be a way to protect oneself from financial uncertainties that may ... Read More »

How To Make Money On Instagram?

In addition to being a great communication tool, social platforms can also be used to earn money. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of people who have made a career out of social platforms. You can also earn through social channels as a part time or a side job. One of the popular social platforms to make money ... Read More »

What Is Difference Between Invoice And Bill?

In everyday life, we tend to use terms like invoice and bill interchangeably. It really does not matter to anyone, as long as things are getting done as expected. However, if we analyze a bit closer, there emerges a clear difference between an invoice and bill. The differentiation becomes all the more important when things are assessed from accounting and ... Read More »

Is P2P Lending Safe And Profitable?

If you are looking for investment options, you may have come across the term ‘p2p lending’. Although the basic concept of p2p lending is not new, technology has ensured that this system works in a fine-tuned, systematic manner. It’s only through tech-based systems that the power to lend is now available to any individual who wants it. Borrowers also gain, ... Read More »

What To Do When You Win The Lottery?

A win in lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions can make you a multi-millionaire overnight. Just for records, the jackpot amount in 2016 Powerball was a staggering 1.586 billion. This was the highest ever recorded. Even if you consider the lower end, lottery jackpots can easily fetch you around a couple of hundred millions. So, what to do ... Read More »

Is Debt Good Or Bad For You?

People usually have different opinions about debt. Some will recommend it to you whereas others might warn you about possible adverse consequences. In essence, debt can be a double-edged sword. Depending on the amount and type of debt and your income, debt can have favorable or unfavorable consequences. You need to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt ... Read More »

What Happens If You Become Bankrupt?

As life is quite uncertain, bankruptcy can strike anyone, anytime. There have been several cases in the past when even wealthy people have declared themselves bankrupt. When you are certain that you will not be able to pay back your creditors, you can approach a court to declare your bankruptcy. So, what happens after you declare yourself bankrupt? Are your ... Read More »