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Fight milk adulteration; choose genuine, branded milk products

Harsh Vardhan, union minister for science and technology, left everybody dumbfounded when he told the Lok Sabha recently that more than 68% of milk sold in the country does not conform to quality standards mandated by India’s food regulator FSSAI. This implies that nearly two out of every three Indians drink low quality milk, potentially adulterated with harmful substances such ... Read More »

Organic milk has more good fats

There’s good news for people who prefer organic full cream milk and organic milk products. Recent research studies have shown that organic full fat milk contains higher levels of healthy fats such as Omega-3, a polyunsaturated fatty acid with numerous health benefits. Researchers have found that on average, organic milk contained around 56 percent more Omega-3 in comparison to non-organic ... Read More »

What Ayurveda says about the health benefits of cow milk?

Ayurveda talks about milk obtained from various animal sources, but it gives prominence to cow milk. According to Ayurveda experts, cow milk is highly nutritive and essential for vital organs of the body such as the eyes, heart and brain. As per Ayurveda, cow milk has sweet taste (madhura rasa) and a cooling effect (sheethaveerya). It is ojovardhaka (boosts our ... Read More »

Milk for healthier, glowing skin

Fresh milk is widely consumed for the immense benefits it provides to the body and mind. Milk can also be used to improve the complexion of your skin, giving you a healthier, glowing skin that is bound to make you appear a lot younger than your actual age. Milk has essential vitamins, fats and minerals, which will have a rejuvenating ... Read More »

Fresh milk for a good night’s sleep

Are sleepless nights making your life miserable? Well, you are not the only one facing such issues. In today’s faced-paced lifestyle, stress has gained phenomenal acceleration and always seems ahead of a good night’s sleep. Thousands of people today suffer from sleep deprivation, which has been identified as a cause for various ailments. However, you will be surprised to know ... Read More »

Fresh milk for building muscle mass

Fresh milk, especially full cream milk, has always been an important part of the diet of Indian wrestlers who practice in traditional ‘akharas’ throughout the country. While bodybuilders in the West mostly rely on animal and whey protein to build muscle mass, traditional Indian wrestlers are known for their reliance on milk and milk products. While the effectiveness of milk ... Read More »

Dairy products a good option for vegetarians on Keto Diet

Overweight and obesity have become serious health issues in today’s time. These have been associated with a wide variety of life threatening conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, organ failure, etc. To treat these conditions, a number of diet regimes have emerged in recent times, one of them being the Keto Diet. Let’s see why dairy products such as ... Read More »

Double toned milk nutrition better suited for modern lifestyles

We know the benefits of fresh milk and organic full cream milk, but if we bring modern lifestyles in the picture, then we can see that double toned milk nutrition may be a better alternative. Let’s see how double toned milk nutrition scores over fresh milk and organic full cream milk nutrition, especially when we are talking about people with ... Read More »

Uncommon uses of milk and milk products

It’s common knowledge that milk and milk products such as healthy double toned milk, full fat organic milk, and fresh tasty dahi are great for your health and overall wellbeing. However, in recent times, the usage of these products has surpassed traditional patterns. Let’s take a look at how people are making innovative use of milk and milk products. Post ... Read More »