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Adverse effects of plastic and microplastic on the human body

Plastic waste is a significant problem to the environment, and its non-biodegradable property makes it difficult to recycle. It pollutes the environment and causes irreparable harm to wildlife, pollutes the water bodies, and even contributes to climate change. The adverse effects of plastic on our daily health go beyond just environmental concerns. Studies have found microplastics in the human body ... Read More »

What Will Happen If There Are No Festivals?

Festivals are among the common things every country and every community has, even though the type and form of celebrations may vary. Festivals become ingrained in us, as we start participating in them from childhood days. Festivals are so much a part of our lives that it is impossible to imagine life without festivals. So, what happens if there are ... Read More »

Growth Potential for ‘Millet’ – a Boon for Health

In Asia and Africa, Millets were the first crops that humans ever farmed. Millet is a type of small-seeded grass that is grown for its grain, which is rich in nutrients and can be ground into flour or used as animal feed. It is highly adaptable and can grow in a wide range of environments, including dry and nutrient-poor soils, ... Read More »

Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Dr. Shiva Kumar R, Senior Consultant – Neurology & Epileptology, Sakra World Hospital Bengaluru. Be it a woman or a man, all of us enjoy a relaxing and refreshing experience at the beauty parlour. But did you ever wonder that taking care of yourself can be dangerous? Yes, you read that right! Sometimes, something unexpected can happen, which would end ... Read More »

Rare Diseases: The Importance of Awareness and Early Diagnosis

Hyderabad, 16th March 2023: Rare diseases often go unrecognised and overlooked. Individually rare, but these diseases collectively affect millions of people worldwide. According to the National Institutes of Health, there are approximately 7,000 rare diseases that collectively affect around 400 million people globally. Sadly, the majority of these conditions have no cure, and patients and their families are often left ... Read More »

How to Assist Someone Who is Having a Seizure?

Authored by Dr. Keni Ravish Rajiv, Consultant – Neurology & Epileptology, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that hinders our brain activity when it sends messages through cells. This sudden change in electric activity often leads to epileptic seizures. These seizures can cause a person to lead involuntary movements in the body, like twitching or trembling, that ... Read More »

Tourist footfall at Mahakal Lok in Ujjain rises to 1 lakh daily

Ujjain Sees Surge in Tourists Amid Opening of Mahakal Lok, Prompting Locals to Convert Homes to Homestays Ujjain, the temple city, has been witnessing a massive influx of tourists since the opening of Mahakal Lok in November 2022. The Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee has reported a threefold increase in daily footfall, with over one lakh devotees visiting the temple ... Read More »

Madhya Pradesh – An off the wall destination

Through ‘responsible tourism’ — which secures the interest of environment and indigenous population and provides visitors an immersive experience — Madhya Pradesh has lent new dimensions to the tourism industry With easing travel restrictions and a surging trend of revenge travel, the tourism industry is witnessing a sharp recovery post the pandemic. As goes our collective lived experience, an increase ... Read More »

5 harmful effects of going overboard with antibiotics

Antibiotics are the most common antimicrobial substances that are actively used to fight bacteria by killing or suppressing their growth. However, with the advent of technology and easy access to information, many people are now commonly taking these drugs without a proper prescription, which has led to a rise in the number of cases related to antimicrobial resistance and side ... Read More »

How To Beat A Breathalyzer Test?

Drinking and driving can lead to accidents that can be fatal. Or even worse, one can end up with permanent disabilities. As a responsible individual, you should always avoid drinking and driving. If you are caught by cops, you will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. There may be situations when you may have taken just a drink or ... Read More »