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What Is Saddest Thing In Life?

Life is a roller coaster and comes with its share of happiness and sorrows. Over a lifetime, things usually get balanced out in most cases. While there are plenty of reasons to be happy and joyful every day, there are moments that can make us feel sad. Sometimes, it makes us wonder what could be the saddest thing one can ... Read More »

Describe Power Outlets and Their Types

Everyday actions like turning on a lamp, turning on the microwave, or switching on the TV make you rarely consider what takes place within your home for those things to function. However, your home’s systems depend on electricity, so knowing how it works is essential if you want to perform simple tasks like testing an outlet or resetting a circuit ... Read More »

Can Peer Pressure Affect Your Child’s Mental Health?

Peers play a pivotal role in socioemotional development of children & adolescents as their influence can be very strong during a child’s teenage years. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, it is natural, healthy and important for children to have friends as they grow and mature. However, peers can have both positive as well as negative ... Read More »

Effects of extreme weather conditions on the heart

Heat stress can lead to severe health effects due to acute exacerbation of existing illnesses. Heat exposure also places an increased strain on the heart and can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke if the internal body temperature is not adequately regulated by the cardiovascular system. The cold causes blood vessels to contract, which can raise blood pressure, increasing ... Read More »

Who Is Most Evil Person Ever Born?

In our lifetime, most of us come to realize that the world is a mix of good, bad and ugly. However, there is another category of people, who can be described as pure evil. They can be termed as such, as they have been responsible for innumerable crimes against humanity including thousands of deaths of innocent people. To get a ... Read More »

What leads to herniated discs and treatment for a herniated disc?

Authored by Dr. Umesh Srikantha, Consultant – Neurosurgery, Head of Spine Services, Aster CMI Hospital Our spinal column comprises a series of bones that are stacked onto each other. These bones are cushioned by discs that protect them by absorbing shocks from daily activities like walking, lifting and twisting. Each disc has two parts: a soft gelatinous inner portion and ... Read More »

Heart Health during Pregnancy

Dr. Yasmin Imdad, Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Kinder Women’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, Bengaluru Pregnancy is a remarkable phase in the life of woman that uncovers many aspects of her health and brings about changes. An expectant mother not only bears a child within her but also overworks in order to support its survival. Her heart, in this ... Read More »

Do Meat Eaters Get More Cancer?

One of the leading causes of human deaths, cancer affects millions of people every year. Various factors can lead to cancer such as inherited genetic mutations, hormones, smoking, alcohol, exposure to cancer causing materials, inflammation, viral or bacterial infection and radiation. A number of studies have suggested that eating habits can also influence the risk of getting cancer. It is ... Read More »

Is your child constantly falling sick while going to school? What do parents need to watch out for?

With the Covid-19 restrictions easing, people have once again resumed their normal lives. The pandemic took a toll on all of us and children along with senior citizens were the worst victims of the disease due to the unavailability of Covid-19 vaccines. As online classes have ended and children have started going back to schools, there is an emerging trend ... Read More »