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5 Signs That Say You Don’t Want To Be Single Anymore

Being single has its perks and benefits, but there comes a point in our lives when we start questioning ourselves whether we are on the right track. Being single can be an important journey in your life, but like all journeys, this too has an end. But, how do you know for sure that it’s time to stop being single? ... Read More »

Top 10 Natural Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

It’s true that various types of prescription drugs are available to boost your sex drive. However, why would you want to ingest chemicals and risk the side-effects, when the desired results can be achieved with natural food items? Sexologists say that all healthy foods you eat are good for your sex drive. Natural food items will not only boost your ... Read More »

9 Major Amenities That Are Essential For Your Luxury Apartment

World-class amenities are a must for your luxury apartment, as they significantly enhance the quality of life. With the right amenities, you can get work done with just a phone call and gain access to a multitude of health, sports, recreational and entertainment facilities. Amenities also help promote the sense of community living by providing residents the opportunity to interact ... Read More »

Is It Okay To Masturbate After Your Marriage?

Masturbation is usually considered to be the domain of unmarried men and women. However, various surveys conducted over the years have revealed that a significantpercentage of people continue to masturbate even after their marriage. The surveys have revealed that even couples with a healthy sex life tend to indulge in self-pleasure from time to time. It’s like having the best ... Read More »

How Ayurveda Can Help Treat Flu

Flu is caused by the Influenza virus, which is of four different types – A, B, C, and D. The Influenza virus most commonly targets the nose, throat and the lungs. A person infected by Influenza virus can experience varying symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. In certain cases, flu has turned out to be fatal. A person, who has ... Read More »

Ayurveda Treatment for Common Cold and Sinus Infections

With stressful lifestyles and rising pollution, there has been a significant increase in the number of respiratory problems such as common cold and sinusitis. Many people have to suffer from these ailments and the problem is aggravated because these health issues are often chronic in nature. Conventional medicine does not provide permanent cure and the diseases keep repeating at regular ... Read More »

How Ayurveda Can Help When You Crave Sweets

Craving for something sweet is normal if you experience it once in a while. We all have craving for sweets at some point in our lives. However, if you crave sweet often, it could be a sign of underlying health risks such as Type 2 diabetes. If you crave sweets every day or after every meal, it could be a ... Read More »

How Ayurvedic Treatment Cures Skin Diseases

Ayurveda is said to be more than 5000 years old and it offers a holistic way to treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders. Ayurveda is very effective in the treatment of skin diseases, with many patients reporting complete cure for their skin problems. The thing about Ayurvedic treatment is that it focuses on eliminating the root cause of ... Read More »

Surviving Abuse and Embracing New Relationships

Abuse can be of various kinds such as physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, coercive and financial. Depending on the level and intensity of abuse, the victim can experience a serious loss of confidence and self-esteem. While bruises may heal, the scars caused by psychological and emotional trauma may remain there for a long time. Another major loss is the victim’s ability ... Read More »

What Women Think When They Masturbate

Masturbation is a great stress reliever and it has also shown to boost self-esteem among women. As long as it is done within reasonable limits and there’s nothing weird or abnormal about it, masturbation can provide the desired release ofpent-up emotions. So, what do women actually think when they masturbate? Is it the same as men or is it something ... Read More »