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How Tech Innovations Are Revolutionizing Baseball?

The sport of baseball has been in existence for more than a century now. It has found audience in almost all homes are updates related to the sport are part of everyday conversations. Another thing worth mentioning about baseball is that it has undergone several changes over the years. There are more teams in MLB, more games to be played, ... Read More »

Building a Pensioned Society enabled through Digi Locker

Digi Locker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India flagship program with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a pensioned Society. Digi Locker embraces Digital India’s vision areas of providing the Citizens a shareable private digital space with a consent framework and making all documents/certificates digitally available and accessible at ease. ... Read More »

What To Expect From Windows 12?

While there is no official confirmation, there are speculations that Microsoft is working on Windows 12. This comes after a screenshot is alleged to be accidently shared at Ignite 2022 event. Windows 12 seems plausible and is expected to be launched in 2024. However, Microsoft is unlikely to release an official statement until the next-gen version of Windows is close ... Read More »

Building Resistance Mechanisms Against Changing Cybersecurity Risk Environment

Businesses reacted to the pandemic’s repercussions in various ways and underwent numerous transformations. It had an impact on the business workforce, supply chains, capital ratio, etc. The most compelling of these is the switch from traditional to digital channels during and after the pandemic. Businesses need to develop resilience not just against pandemics but also against other threats. While COVID-19 ... Read More »

Are Hydrogen Cars Better Than Electric Cars?

We are living in interesting times, as we are witnessing a major transformation in auto industry. As fossil fuels are nearing their end and becoming costlier and costlier, the era of electric cars and electric vehicles is on the rise. Over the next decade, a significant chunk of vehicles is expected to be electrified. While electric cars are currently the ... Read More »

Decoding the importance of ‘Storytelling’ in animation

Animation possesses a wonderful blend of creative expression that combines discipline and freshness of ideas and narratives. It can be used to smoothly transitions between plot lines and difficult scenes and propels a tale ahead by increasing viewers’ emotional involvement, making it the backbone of a story. Of course, the plot is the plot, and nothing can change that. However, ... Read More »

Human-Robot Collaboration boosting sustainable manufacturing

In recent years, companies across various industries have been under tremendous pressure to make real progress on the environmental and social front. And as the new generation becomes more environment friendly, sustainability becomes a vital factor for a firm’s success. Looking back, the concept of sustainability is not new. Companies for decades have been developing methods that reduce their carbon ... Read More »

Akamai APJ Ransomware Report H1 2022 — Summary

Bengaluru, India – September 19, 2022: In the Akamai Ransomware Threat Report APJ Deep Dive H1 2022, Akamai analyzed a recent leak of documents from Conti, one of the most prolific ransomwares as a service (RaaS) provider, to understand its inner workings and to create a snapshot of the attack trends, tools, and tactics that contributed to its success. The ... Read More »

Wireless Charging Vs. Wired Charging – Which Is Better?

Electrical and electronic devices have made life a lot easier and fulfilling for us. However, just like everything else, these devices have their negative aspects. One that most of us are likely to have experienced is the miles of wires that have inundated our homes. To deal with this mess, wireless charging has emerged as a potent solution. But is ... Read More »

6 Twitter Scams To Watch Out For – Don’t Get Duped

Social platforms have become a breeding ground for scamsters, fraudsters and hackers who just want to dupe people. One of the social platforms that scamsters and fraudsters prefer is Twitter. It’s because Twitter has millions of users and there’s limited awareness about the type of scams happening on Twitter. Another reason is that Twitter has several advanced features that can ... Read More »