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Yamaha Revolutionizes Portable Music with the Launch of ‘PSR-E473’ 61-key Keyboard

~ An ideal starter kit for budding musicians with 820 voices, quick sampling, groove creation, and a lot more ~ New Delhi: March 14, 2022: Yamaha Music India a leader in Musical Instruments, Pro Audio- & Audio-Visual Equipment announces the launch of PSR-E473 – a 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard with a powerful sound engine. The Yamaha PSR-E473 is a great investment ... Read More »

Top 5 Softwares that were meant to do good but were used for harm

Technology can be considered good or evil depending upon how people use it. A technology that ensures security and privacy for some people can be also used for conducting illegal transactions. The rate of technological advance has made easier for people to apply it for both- good and ill. Listed below are some of the Softwares that were designed to ... Read More »

What Are Cinemagraphs?

Something that moves is bound to catch our attention and cinemagraphs are designed for just that purpose. While a picture is usually more effective than text, cinemagraphs are even better in terms of their ability to keep viewers fixated on the content. Videos too fail to match up as a formidable adversary since they tend to create a lot of ... Read More »

What can AI Cloud do for Enterprises

By Mitish Chitnavis, Chief Technology Officer, iValue InfoSolutions Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing are at the center of most enterprise solutions today. Individually, the two technologies have evolved to support businesses in handling large data volumes, structuring their IT infrastructure, and accelerating processes and operations. The AI cloud is the natural progression of the technologies, wherein AI is deployed ... Read More »

Impact of AI on Cybersecurity in the Age of Digitisation

By Prashanth GJ CEO TechnoBind There will hardly be any IT sector today untouched by the influence of Artificial Intelligence. AI has garnered much debate and speculation, and it continues to do so. It has gone through extensive research and development, which has naturally led to an increase in AI-based products and solutions. These are now slithering faster into our ... Read More »

Why Computers Are So Good At Chess?

Humans have been playing chess with computers since several decades. And just like humans, machines have continued to learn from their experiences. Initially, chess champions were able to easily defeat computers. However, things started to change with computers getting more advanced. The first major victory for computers came in 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in ... Read More »

Top 5 apps that are making the world a better place

The surge in smartphone usage and better internet has led to development of apps for almost anything you would wish for. Thinking about helping the world become a better place, there are apps for that. You can do it from wherever you are and whatever you are doing, all you require is your mobile phone. Here is a list of ... Read More »

What To Do If You Run Out Of Free Gmail Storage?

Launched in 2004, Gmail originally came with unlimited storage. With this and its easy-to-use features, Gmail emerged as the most popular free email service in the world. Later on, as users started uploading massive amounts of data, Google was forced to put a limit on its free storage facility. The free Gmail storage space is now 15 GB, which includes ... Read More »

The Chip Shortage Breakdown: How Can a Connected Digital Infrastructure Help?

Author:Shinichi Murakami, Senior Manager, Segment Marketing, Equinix As the global semiconductor challenge extends into 2022, businesses continue to feel supply chain disruptions as they wait for chips to be available. As foundry companies specialize in production exclusively, their manufacturing capacity has limitations, and currently, they are not able to meet the demand from global and fabless companies. Furthermore, integrated device ... Read More »

Data Privacy Management is the Need of the Hour for Both Businesses and Customers

By Mitish Chitnavis, Chief Technology Officer, iValue InfoSolutions Human life online is beginning to merge with the way it exists offline. Today, individuals are living in a digital world than ever before, driven by the internet, smart devices and digital transformation. Any online usage generates information or data about the individual’s activities and interests, where the user has no control ... Read More »