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USA Vs. China – Who Will Win?

Humanity has always fought wars and the practice continues till today. We already had two World Wars and experts say that the possibility of a third world war cannot be denied. Our inclination to fight comes from laws of the nature, where only the best survive. When two adversaries face each other, there are bound to be some fireworks. In ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Most Crowded Prison?

With rising crime, prison overcrowding has emerged as a major social problem in several countries around the globe. Factors such as poverty, lack of education, social immorality, and unavailability of earning opportunities are among the primary reasons for rising crime. Another reason for prison overcrowding is that they hold both convicted prisoners and the ones that are undergoing trial. As ... Read More »

Youngest Serial Killers Of All Time

We all have heard gory tales of serial killers and how some of them have still not been caught. Most stories we have read or seen involved full grown adults, ranging from people in their twenties to some that were quite old. But you will be surprised to know that there have been cases where even children and teenagers were ... Read More »

Where Can You Buy Drugs Legally?

Drug abuse is a major global issue that results in thousands of deaths every year. Drug addiction also leads to significant economic and social burden on the country. The drugs problem refuses to go, even when most countries have prescribed the harshest of punishment for production, supply, distribution and possession of drugs. Thankfully, there are a handful of countries that ... Read More »

Most Dangerous Spy Agencies In The World

The world of spies has always fascinated us and it’s a common theme for movies, novels, web series and television serials. Of these, the 007 franchise is probably the most notable and also one of the most profitable. Many things shown in James Bond movies may be exaggerated, but the fact that spies can be lethal is quite true in ... Read More »

Most Corrupt Police In World – Be Watchful Where You Travel

In a perfect world, police personnel are supposed to catch the criminals, maintain law and order and protect its people. However, since we happen to live in an imperfect world, not every police personnel can be relied upon to fulfill their duties. Corruption in police force is a global phenomenon with the only difference that the magnitude of corruption varies ... Read More »

Biggest Cryptocurrency Heists Of All Time – Are Your Bitcoins Safe?

Cryptocurrencies were supposed to make things a lot more secure for users. They certainly are, but just like everything else, they have been prone to hacker attacks. There have been cases in the past where cryptocurrencies have been obtained through illegal means. Some of the common methods used to steal cryptocurrency include scamming, phishing, hacking and supply chain attack. As ... Read More »

Biggest Bank Robberies Of All Time

Like ants take to sugar, the lure for easy money often drives criminals to banks. At times, even people without any prior criminal record have attempted to try their luck at robbing a bank. Globally, new bank robbery cases emerge every year. The results vary, which can include a trip to the prison, getting shot or spending the rest of ... Read More »

Why Muslims Wear Skull Cap?

People of every religion have something unique about their customs, rituals and beliefs. Most of these peculiarities have often been continued since several generations. It is possible that such things may have undergone changes over the years, which makes it difficult to ascertain how they started in the first place. In the Muslim community, one of the most noticeable things ... Read More »

Why All Scams End With ‘Gate’ Suffix?

Ever wondered why all scams and scandals usually end with the ‘gate’ suffix? Well, there’s a complete story to it, which is considered as one of the worst developments in US political history. If you are curious to know the meaning of ‘gate’ suffix, here’s a quick look at the scandal that started it all. The Watergate scandal One of ... Read More »