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How It Feels Like To Be In Electric Chair?

Among the methods of execution, electric chair is one of the most horrifying. Electric chair was developed as an alternative to hanging and used for the first time in 1890. However, as humanity matured, we have come to realize that electric chair is no better than other forms of execution such as hanging and shooting. This is why electric chair ... Read More »

How To Cheat Lie Detector Test?

Lie detector test, also known as polygraph test, is often used by investigators to link a suspect to the crime. It can also be used as a tool to eliminate suspects, so that the person who actually committed the crime can be identified. While investigators often rely on polygraph tests, its ability to detect lies is debatable. According to some ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Notorious Serial Killers

A serial killer is an individual who murders people in cold blood, purely for psychological reasons. There are usually multiple murders committed over a period of time, which can range from a few days to several years. Serial killers may be despised by the society, but their cases and interviews are widely published in the media and are among the ... Read More »

Top 5 Richest Criminals Of All Time

When talking about the richest people in the world, we usually think of businessmen, politicians, movie producers, top actors, sportspersons, etc. However, we rarely talk about criminals, as their activities are not something that is acceptable to society. Surely, crime is not something to be proud of, but still it has allowed various criminals to amass huge fortunes. This is ... Read More »

Criminals Who Can Make You Rich – Most Wanted With Highest Bounty

Despite strict laws and punishment, criminal activity continues to flourish. Even in today’s digital world, criminals have found ways to evade the law. To capture these elusive criminals, authorities like FBI have announced rewards worth millions. Any individual who provides information which can help apprehend these most wanted criminals can win bounty worth millions. You will also be doing great ... Read More »

Do Blind People Dream?

Most of us have had experienced dreams in our lives. Dreams can be described as emotional hallucinations, which are most intense during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Dreams can vary from being totally illogical and unconnected to being relevant to certain situations that we may be facing in our lives. There are various theories about why we dream, but nothing ... Read More »

USA Vs. China – Who Will Win?

Humanity has always fought wars and the practice continues till today. We already had two World Wars and experts say that the possibility of a third world war cannot be denied. Our inclination to fight comes from laws of the nature, where only the best survive. When two adversaries face each other, there are bound to be some fireworks. In ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Most Crowded Prison?

With rising crime, prison overcrowding has emerged as a major social problem in several countries around the globe. Factors such as poverty, lack of education, social immorality, and unavailability of earning opportunities are among the primary reasons for rising crime. Another reason for prison overcrowding is that they hold both convicted prisoners and the ones that are undergoing trial. As ... Read More »

Youngest Serial Killers Of All Time

We all have heard gory tales of serial killers and how some of them have still not been caught. Most stories we have read or seen involved full grown adults, ranging from people in their twenties to some that were quite old. But you will be surprised to know that there have been cases where even children and teenagers were ... Read More »

Where Can You Buy Drugs Legally?

Drug abuse is a major global issue that results in thousands of deaths every year. Drug addiction also leads to significant economic and social burden on the country. The drugs problem refuses to go, even when most countries have prescribed the harshest of punishment for production, supply, distribution and possession of drugs. Thankfully, there are a handful of countries that ... Read More »