Common Mistakes To Avoid After A Breakup

Breakups often result in negative thoughts that can derail our personal and professional lives. The overwhelming emotions we experience start a chain reaction of negative thoughts that are very difficult to control. We are driven by a sense of great loss and even guilt, which eventually leads to negative thoughts and perceptions. We fail to realize that breakups are a part of growing up and it does not mean the end of the world. To get over a breakup, you need to avoid some common mistakes, some of which are described below.

To think that you have lost your soul mate: You may have believed in everlasting love, but realities of life are quite different. The definition of what you like in a person and what you want in a relationship changes with time. So, if there’s a mismatch in these factors, a breakup is the natural outcome. Instead of staring at the end of the world, you need to have faith that life will find a way. Notwithstanding what you may think, life may have better plans for you.

Seeking instant gratification via dating apps: Many people think that starting a new relationship immediately after a breakup will help them. This may be true in some exceptional cases, but may not work if you have been majorly hurt by your breakup. Using a band-aid to heal a gaping wound is unlikely to help you. It’s better to give time to yourself, so that you can heal naturally.

Spy on your ex on social media: You might feel the urge to keep track of your ex on social media. You might want to know what they are up to or who they are dating after theirbreakup with you. This may be okay occasionally, but do not make it a constant habit. You need to learn to let go and focus on your present. Tracking your ex will only prolong the healing process.

Going into a shell: Everything loses meaning after a hard breakup, which prompts people to cut off all connections with the outside world. This strategy is most likely to backfire, as it will make you even more lonely and stressed. A few days of isolation may be okay, but try to come out of the shell to bring your life back to normal. Sharing your thoughts with a close friend or family member can be very helpful in getting over a breakup.

Just like all other failures and mistakes in life, breakups are also a learning process. So, it’s better to learn from your breakup rather than destroy your life over it. Let time heal the wounds while you focus on your present and keep yourself busy with things you like.


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