Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

With jobs and career taking precedence, long distance relationships have become a reality in today’s world. As people shift to a new city or even go abroad for higher studies or career opportunities, relationships are automatically tuned into long distance mode. Technology has been a great help in sustaining long-distance relationships and it will continue to do so, as further advancements are made in virtual reality platforms.

However, lack of physical intimacy is a major challenge for sustaining long-distance relationships. Nonetheless, there are things you can do that will help you sustain your long-distance relationship. Here are some tips that you might find useful.

Be mindful of time zones: If you text your partner and they respond after several hours, it does not mean they are ignoring you. It may just be due to the different time zones. Also, emotions may vary from time to time, so try not to judge your partner based on a specific event. You might have had a great day and may want to share it with your partner, but they on the other end may be facing issues and may not sound cheerful or encouraging.Many such things can happen, so be patient and give time to your long-distance relationship.

It’s good to hear each other’s voices: If you are just texting and messaging online, it may not be enough to sustain the relationship. Hearing your partner’s voice is the closest one can get in long-distancerelationship. So, make sure you call your partner and talk to them on a regular basis.

Send gifts: These would work as tangible expressions of your togetherness, even though you two may be thousands of miles apart. Gifts on birthdays or festivals would be appropriate. Surprise gifts are also welcome. Try giftingsomething relevant and not necessarysomething expensive.

Trust your partner: Trust is unconditional and the foundation of all relationships. Trusting your partner will become easier when you let go of your expectations and accept things as they come.

Don’t become over-dependent: You should not become overly dependent on your long-distance relationship. You should have an active social life and your long-distance relationship will just be a part of it and not the whole.

People in a long-distancerelationship should not have expectations. It would be better if both partners agree to the notion of “as long as it lasts”. This will keep away the anxieties of the future and allow the couple to focus on their present. They will not be pressured to do anything other than what they naturally like or love to do. Such mindset will reap positive outcomes for the long-distance relationship.


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