How to straighten your penis – without surgery

International studies show that a man’s penis can be straightened out without an operation. The results provide the patient with both extra length and greater sexual pleasure.

Do you have a curved penis and want to do something about it? Then there’s good news for you. According to The Journal of Urology, a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center shows that men in all age groups can remove or reduce the curve on their penises without operation.

In the experiment connected to the study, a total of 82 men with an average age of 58,6 underwent a so-called penile traction therapy process, which is a penis enhancement process. This process lasted six months and resulted in a curve-reduction and changes in the length of the stretched penis.

After the test, the participants had enhanced their penis’ lengths with 0,3 to 1,6 centimeters. Erectile function, which denotes the penis’ ability to become and stay erect, was also significantly improved. The participants reported increased satisfaction during intercourse and overall sexual satisfaction.

In the concluding report from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, they state:

– More men in penile traction therapy reported satisfaction or improvement in penis length and that the side effects were temporary and mild. 87 percent stated that they would choose to repeat the treatment, and 93 percent would recommend it to others.

The treatment is popular

For more than 20 years, the Danish company Jes-Extender has manufactured quality equipment for American men’s penile traction therapies. The company continuously receives positive feedback from customers, who have used the product for penis enhancement or reduction of penis curvature.

– A curved penis is a rather widespread problem all over the world, and in the worst cases it makes it impossible to perform in bed. Surgery is a drastic measure and complications can occur afterwards. Our product has proved very effective when it comes to curing and minimizing the problem, while the penis is enhanced and becomes thicker, explains Jes Bech Müller, CEO of Jes Extender.

Besharam is one of the largest online sex shops in India, and they also report an increasing interest in straightening the penis.

– In India, an increasing number of men have discovered that penis extenders can extend and straighten the penis at the same time. This ‘double effect’ has increased the demand for penis extenders across the country, and every time we talk to potential buyers, we advise them to be patient and to buy the Danish-produced extenders, says Raj Armani at Besharam.

Kevin from Scotland

58-year-old Kevin Davis from Edinburgh in Scotland is one of the men that has tried penis enhancement.

Since the purchase about a year ago, Kevin Davis has used the penis enlarger for around 200 days, 5 hours daily on average. He started out with a length of 8 centimetres flaccid and 12 centimetres erect, but now he is at 10 centimetres flaccid, and 16 centimetres erect.

– Despite growing older and having a partner, my insecurities never left me. With my partner’s helpful support, I decided to go through with it. I thought: no pain – no gain. I had nothing to lose, and if I gained anything, it would be a bonus, says Kevin Davis.

– I went from being below average to above average, and now I no longer have any inhibitions. I feel so much more confident and better about myself, says Kevin Davis.

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