How to Use Infographics To Make Content More Interesting?

Infographics are everywhere, and you come across them almost daily in newspapers, magazines, books, television, websites, social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, billboards, and lot many places. The deluge of infographics is largely due to the fact that humanity is currently experiencing an information overload, and infographics simplify the process of receiving and assimilating information. Just like the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”; an infographic is certainly a lot more in terms of its ability to simplify the representation of complex information. Here’s how to use infographics to make your content more interesting.

Depicting the movement of information within a process/system

In complex processes and systems, information moves through multiple sub-processes, something that would require several pages of text to document. In comparison, an intelligently designed infographic can display this information in a single sheet and that too in an effective and easier to understand manner. Directional arrows, color-coded and geometrical objects, containers, and other design components are appropriately stitched together to reveal the big picture.

Depicting the logic inherent in a process/system

In some processes, the information may move back and forth between sub-processes, based on pre-coded logic. Infographics simplify the representation of logic inherent in a system, something that would be lengthy to explain in text format. Logic-based infographics are used extensively across both manufacturing and services sectors. From the details of a smelting unit, to the process of microchip manufacturing, the various steps in software development life cycle (SDLC), and the blueprint of a mobile app or game, infographics rule when it comes to representing complex processes and systems.

Summarize enormous amounts of data

Infographics can summarize huge amounts of data and present them in an easy to understand manner. For example, if we are to depict information related to the effectiveness of a social media marketing initiative, it can be done with a greater impact with infographics, as compared to using conventional methods such as tables and charts. The information about likes, shares, comments, geographical reach, etc. can be represented with a simple bar graph or pie diagram, icons and some taglines to highlight the achievements. This way, viewers will understand the data much faster and will remember it longer as well.

Interesting and persuasive

Infographics are interesting and persuasive, so you can be sure that your target audience will be impressed with your efforts. However, make sure that your infographic is factually correct and visually appealing in order to register the most likes and shares. Creating an amazing infographic will require a good mix of analytical skills and creative talent.

The fun element

Infographics can always be used to add some fun to the usually staid information and data. Just a dash of creativity and the information or data you are trying to present will come out a lot livelier and engaging.

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