USA Vs. China – Who Will Win?

Humanity has always fought wars and the practice continues till today. We already had two World Wars and experts say that the possibility of a third world war cannot be denied. Our inclination to fight comes from laws of the nature, where only the best survive. When two adversaries face each other, there are bound to be some fireworks.

In the current geopolitical scenario, China has emerged as a super power. This is something that challenges the supremacy of United Stated. The friction between the two countries has been growing and it’s evident in trade wars and sanctions imposed by the two countries on each other. Experts say that China will have to prove its supremacy sooner or later if it wants to implement its ambitious plans of world dominance.

So, what happens if USA and China go to war? Who will win if USA and China battle each other? To answer that, we will have to take a look at the military might of these two countries. Given below are some key stats that you need to know.

USA Vs. China – military budget

USA has the largest military budget in the world. It is estimated to be around USD 778 billion. This is approximately 3.7% of the country’s GDP. It forms around 39% of global military expenditure. In comparison, China spent USD 252 billion as military expenses. It was 1.7% of the country’s GDP and around 13% of global military expenditure.

So, if we compare based on military expenditure, USA is clearly ahead. However, military expenditure does not represent the true strength of a country’s military power. A look at military equipment can provide a better idea about military strength.

USA vs. China – manpower and military equipment

Being the most populous country, China does not have any shortage of military personnel. China has around 2.2 million military personnel, as compared to around 1.4 million of United States. Talking about military equipment, China has 7,760 tanks in comparison to 6,393 of USA. However, USA leads in armored fighting vehicles that number 41,760. In comparison, China has only around 6k units.

Comparing air forces of the two countries, we see that US has the lead here with a total of 12,304 aircrafts. In comparison, China has 4,182 aircrafts. However, China has a stronger navy with 789 ships. In comparison, USA has 437 navy ships.

As is clear from the above, China has supremacy over land and water. USA will have an edge in aerial warfare.

USA vs. China war – who will win?

From the above numbers, it can be said that winning the war will be tough for both countries. Nothing can be said with 100% surety, as winning a war depends on various other factors. For example, things like military intelligence, tactical and strategic decision making, coordination between the various armed forced, technology advancements and morale and courage of soldiers can also influence the outcome of a war.

We hope a war like this never happens, as it will cause widespread devastation, suffering and loss of lives. We have already seen that in the previous World Wars. We hope peace prevails and issues can be resolved with dialogue and diplomacy.

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