How To Work From Home, The Right Way

Although work from home was allowed by many organizations even before coronavirus, it was never meant for extended durations. Things have changed dramatically with coronavirus, as many organizations are now recommendingtheir employees to work from home. Some have even made it mandatory for employees to work from home.

While work from home may seem like a manageable task, it has its own challenges. This is especially true for people who will be working from home for the first time and for extended durations. To ensure that your professionalism and productivity is not affected, here are some important tips and suggestion about how to work from home, the right way.

Create a separate workspace: To get in the right frame of mind, it would be better to allocate a dedicated space that you will use to work from home. You can choose a separate room if you have or allocate a 6’x6′ space in any of the rooms. The latter will be similar to the standard cubicle that we see in offices. In the space you create, you can add the necessary furniture. A comfortable table and chair would be among the basic things you will need for your home office.

Follow a routine: Working from home may seem to be the perfect option for maintaining work-life balance. However, that may not be true in all cases. If you are not careful, you could end up working 24/7. This is why you need to follow a strict routine that will clearly tell you when it’s time to work and when it’s time to be home. You can simply follow your earlier office timings to ensure that there’s proper work-life balance.

Inform family members: Constant interruptions from your family members can adversely affect your work quality. To avoid this, you need to inform your family members about your work schedule. If you are using a separate room, the closed door would indicate that you should not be disturbed. If you are working in a shared space, being at the desk would indicate that you are busy.

Get tools and equipment: When working from home, make sure you have all the tools and equipment to help boost your efficiency and productivity. Some basic things you will need include noise-canceling headphones, wireless keyboard and mouse, decent Wi-Fi connection, a fast PC or laptop, and reliable mobile connectivity.

At a time when coronavirus is wreaking havoc at the global level, it makes sense to work from home. It will keep you protected without compromising your work or career prospects. Follow the above tips to ensure the best outcomes when you work from home.

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