Is Insecurity Ruining Your Relationship? Here’s How To Fix It

A little jealously is considered normal in relationships and it may actually be beneficial for the partners. However, if there’s too much insecurity leading to constant fights, then it may be a bad sign for the relationship. If you have reached a stage where you are finding it difficult to trust your partner, it means that your insecurity is now a serious issue. However, the good thing is that you can always work to free yourself from your insecurities. Here are some tips and suggestions that can help you get over your insecurities.

Identify what’s causing your insecurity: Unless you know the root cause of your insecurity, you will not be able to fix it. The reason could be a bad experience in your childhood, your past relationships or some negative ideas you have about yourself. So, take some time to figure out the primary thought that is making you feel insecure. In some case, multiple factors could be contributing to your insecurity. Once you identify these, you shall be able to fix them.

Reduce your dependence:Insecuritiesoften arise when you become completelydependent on your partner for your emotional needs. It creates the fear in your subconscious that your life will be devastated in case your partner leaves you. To get over these feelings, try making some friends and spend time with them. This will reduce your emotional dependence and help cut down on your insecurities.

Build self-esteem: Low self-esteem is among the common reasons for insecurity. If that is the case with you, try focusing on your professional career or your hobbies. Make new goals and work harder to achieve them. This will be an effective distraction and help to reduce your sense of insecurity. Things will get even better when you achieve your goals.

Don’t overthink: Sometimes, just our habit of overthinking may be leading to our insecurities. If your mind is always thinking about the future, just shut it off and focus on things that you can do in the present moment. No one can predict the future, so it makes no sense to worry about things that may or may not happen.

Exercise: Just 30 minutes of exercise every day can do wonders for your relationship. You will feel good about yourself and have positive thoughts in your mind. Physical exercise on a regular basis has shown to boost your mood and reduce depression and anxiety.

It’s never too late to make a fresh start, provided that both partners are willing to give another chance to theirrelationship. There have been various cases where couples have experienced extreme insecurity in their relationship, but were able to overcome them eventually. You can achieve the same by following the recommendations provided above.

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