Is It Okay To Masturbate After Your Marriage?

Masturbation is usually considered to be the domain of unmarried men and women. However, various surveys conducted over the years have revealed that a significantpercentage of people continue to masturbate even after their marriage. The surveys have revealed that even couples with a healthy sex life tend to indulge in self-pleasure from time to time. It’s like having the best of both worlds; pleasure with your partner and enjoying your own sexuality as well. If you ask psychologists, most of them would tell you that it’s perfectly normal to masturbate after your marriage.

Why people masturbate after their marriage

There can be various reasons for this, some of which are described below:

Instant gratification: Sometimes, the desire for sex can hit people at unexpected times. It could be while they are working, watching television, reading a magazine, cooking food, taking a shower, etc. If their partner is not available at these times or if sex is not possible, people tend to relieve themselves through masturbation.

Relieve stress: Sometimes, people masturbate just to relieve any stress or anxiety they may be facing. They may not be in a mood for sex, so masturbation turns out to be the next best option to release stress and anxiety.

Physical constraints: Married people masturbate when sex may not be possible due to any physical constraints related to their partner. For example, sex may not be possible during the later stages of pregnancy. Another reason could be any debilitating disease that the partner may be experiencing. A partner living in another city or country can also prompt married people to masturbate.

When should you be worried?

It’s perfectly normal if your partner masturbates sometimes. However, if you notice that your partner is ignoring sex for masturbation, then you need to talk to your partner. Men usually get addicted to porn and it can create a habit where they start enjoying masturbation more than sex. Women may take to masturbation in case they are not satisfied with their sex life. Thesedevelopments can have adverse consequences for the marriage and the relationship.

If you notice your partner’s growing inclination towards self-pleasure, you need to discuss the same with them. If needed, you can also consult a sexologist. Discussing the matter will help bring out the factors that may have prompted your partner to give preference to self-pleasure over sex. Masturbation is a type of habit, and it can be easily changed with the right guidance and motivation. Finding out about the sexual needs of your partner can help you make the necessary changes to boost your sex life.

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