Is Marriage Good or Bad For You?

It’s said that marriages are made in heaven and the majority still likes to follow the traditional system of marriage. However, if we look at recent trends, we see that an increasing number of people are preferring live-in relationships. There are also the ones who enjoy the perks and freedom that come with being single. It is estimated that almost 50 % of people in Japan will be single by 2035.

Today, many people are asking the question whether marriage is good or bad for them. Based on research data and surveys, here are some of the important findings.

Reduced risk of heart disease: Research studies indicate that married people have a reduced risk of certain types of heart diseases, as compared to the risks faced by single men and women. However, research has also provided evidence that married people have a higher chance of being overweight. These are generalized results and it does not applyto every married couple or single men or women. Exceptions are always there, just like there can be other factors such as genetic predisposition, cigarette smoking, etc. that can increase the risk of heart disease.

Improved health: There is evidence that married people enjoy better health, as compared to people who are single. Being in a good relationship is known to provide a sense of calm, peace and security, things that naturally boost our health. Married people who communicate freely with each other are also able to relieve any build-up stress and anxiety. This is beneficial for general health and wellbeing.

Low risk of addiction: Most married people who are in healthy relationships have a reduced risk of getting addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. Comparatively, the risk of addiction is quite high in case of people who are single, especially single men. People who were addicted earlier are also able to quit more easily after they get married.

Greater societal acceptance:Married people enjoy greater societal acceptance as compared to single people. Married people have better relations with their family members, relatives, neighbors and other related communities. Married people also enjoy greater acceptability in terms of employment and career opportunities. Being single after a certain age is frowned upon by the society at large and employers as well.

Based on the above findings, it seems that marriages are certainly beneficial, as compared to being single. So, if you want to live long and prosper, getting hitched will be a step in the right direction. However, choose your partner wisely, as it will dictate how the relationship progresses in the future.

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