KBJ Group Forays Into Farming With New Business Named KBJ Farming, Aims To Revolutionize Agriculture

A company that has been striding up the ladder of success since its inception, KBJ Group is a private conglomerate set in Mumbai, India. Diversification and expansion have been the forte of the company, founded by Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya. Bullion, jewellery, real estate, and hospitality are only a few of the many sectors in which the company, led by Aksha Kamboj, currently has holdings.

Taking their journey of expansion further, KBJ Group has recently entered the agriculture sector. The new venture, called KBJ Farming is the companyโ€™s pursuit of bringing positive changes in the agricultural field in India. โ€œAgriculture is an integral part of India and its development. We want to contribute to it,โ€ says Aksha Kamboj, an executive director of the KBJ Group.

KBJ Group has revealed that improving the quality and quantity of the agricultural produce in the country is the core focus of KBJ Farming. The company has been founded on the belief that indigenous farming must be grown and supported. With KBJ Farming, the conglomerate hopes to bring a positive revolution in the agricultural sector.

โ€œWe are developing KBJ Farming with research, expertise, and good planning,โ€ Aksha Kamboj adds, talking about the progress of their new venture. Everyone at KBJ Group is hard at work to ensure that KBJ Farming accomplishes all its goals. Under the leadership of Aksha Kamboj and the years of experience garnered by Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya, KBJ Farming is set to achieve its vision.

At present, the company is setting up a processing unit for the import, export, and distribution of agricultural produce. Aksha Kamboj, Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya are overlooking this process and steadily leading KBJ Farming toward success.

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