Most terrible roller coaster accidents you need to know about

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions have estimated that the chances of getting killed are very less likely to happen. About 1 in 750 million have been reported of getting killed in an amusement park ride. Still, deaths are happening. During 1994 and 2004, 22 people were killed on roller coasters due to mechanical failure or operator error. Mentioned below are some of the most terrible roller coaster accidents you need to know about.

  1. The Big Dipper, Nebraska

On July 24, 1930, the roller coaster named as “The Big Dipper” crashed down due to the loosening of a bolt from the coaster. The coaster full of four cars full of kids and teenagers came crumbling to the ground. Four people were dead and 17 were injured in the accident. The ride was immediately closed after the incident. The city’s council banned roller coasters in the park.

  1. Fujin Raijin II, Japan

The idea of allowing passengers to stand sounds pretty bad. Maybe it is, because, on May 5, 2007, Japan’s Expoland witnessed a terrible accident. The wheel axle of one of the cars of Fujin Raijin II’s ride came loose, flinging its passengers into a guardrail. A 19-year-old student was killed injuring others.

  1. The Wildcat, Oklahoma

On April 20, 1997, one of the cars of Wildcat’s ride disengaged from the tracks while ascending its hill. Six passengers were injured and 14-year-old boy in the front car was flunked out, hit his head and fell to his death. A nine-year-old girl was also among the injured due to hitting of her head to a metal beam.

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, California

On 4th September 2003, Disneyland was not the happiest place on the earth. The improper maintenance of the park’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad led to the derailing the locomotive car. The separated car landed on top of the leading passenger car by killing a 22-year-old man and injuring 10 others.

  1. Mindbender, Canada

Just one day before its rear car came off its tracks on June 14, 1986, the car was reportedly declared safe by an inspector. On the third loop, the car was upside-down but lost speed and careened backwards. Passengers went hurtling against a pole and were dropped to the ground which was approximately 25 feet below. This accident sent 19 people to the hospital with severe injuries and hurled three people to death. A man named Rod Chayko went through multiple fractures of shoulder, pelvis, legs and ribs.

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