*Nikki Tamboli, the Star that many top Mega fashion brands are betting on*

The world has witnessed major changes to those represent the heart of fashion in recent years. Fashion brands have caught on quickly to the power that actresses that are fashion influencers can have when it comes to generating buzz around their collection launches following which Nikki Has Quickly Become a Brand Favorite with multiple Advertisements in her Pocket.

The talented actress has always amazed us with being her true self and standing by her true values in the most popular reality TV shows such as Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi and Khatra Khatra Khatra. Showcasing her best work in a number of music videos such as Dil Kisi Se, Shanti, Behri Duniya, Number Likh to name a few, Nikki has been a hit girl in the industry for the past couple of years.

What goes in her favour is that she embodies all of the aspects that make her the perfect representative for the iconic fashion labels She perfectly expresses the brand’s ethos through her chic yet simplistic aura.

Nikki is one of the few actors who has the magic to charm the audience with her performance. She nails her shots and gives us a wide range of acting skills in various south movies and music videos that we see her in. A Marathi Mulgi, Nikki Tamboli Hails from Mumbai and is a true Mumbaikar at heart. After the beautiful actress won the audience’s hearts, she has become the next big star that high profile style brands are rooting for.

Little surprise then that numerous international brands are also lining up to have Nikki endorse them. Not just a certain type of fashion brand but those from all shapes and sizes are approaching the actress.

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