Pepul Social Media App Crosses 2 Million+ Downloads & 10,000+ Paid Subscriptions in the shortest period

Pepul is a positive social media app with privacy-first from Tamil Nadu, India which was launched on January 26, 2022. Founded by, Mr Suresh Kumar G, well-known in It Industry. He is also the winner of the world’s most valuable developers and Intel Black Belts. Having a strong determination to bring up a privacy-first social media platform, Pepul is the world’s first and safest social network app to offer a KYC verification process with a blue tick to all users at zero cost, unlike Twitter.

Pepul, a platform for both the creators and the users, is excited to announce that it has reached a new peak in creators’ paid subscription numbers. Just for comparison to achieve 1 million users Facebook took 10 months, Instagram took 2.5 months, iPhone took 74 days, Pepul took 78 days for 1 million users.

Adding to the record of 2 million downloads within a year, and onboarding thousands of creators in the shortest period, now the company has reached a new milestone. In the past 6 weeks, the number of subscriptions for the content creators in the Pepul app has exploded, with a new record number of paid subscriptions for creators crossing 10,000 during the second week of December.

Apart from being a unique social media network to offer monetary benefits to both the creators as well as the users with a focus on safety and positivity, the Pepul app is also a market disruptor in India by creating a platform to offer an exclusive creators subscription model where the 100% of the creators revenue is directed to the creators, unlike the other platforms.

Having created a unique revenue model for creators, Pepul is striving to become the ultimate destination for content creators who are looking to grow their audience, monetize and earn real value for their work. With a strong focus on innovation and user experience, the company is anticipating its growth by supporting and genuinely rewarding the next generation of creators in exhibiting their skills and talents.

Users are able to consume great contents without any ads and also no need to worry while giving it to kids as the platform has strong content moderation and priorities for people safety and privacy.

Pepul is backed by Gans of hourglass ventures, Girish founder of freshworks, Vijay founder of a Paytm. Pepul is eyeing to raise funds for Series A which will help it vision to increase its creators, it’s revenue and expansion in other languages in 2023

Pepul is excited to see what the future holds and looks forward to supporting more creators through more such numbers in the paid subscriptions as they grow and succeed on the platform.

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