Popular Jobs For College Graduates In US

Getting a well-paid job is among the top priorities for college graduates. The experience is exciting, challenging and at times, it can also make you anxious. While some college graduatesfollow a predetermined path, others are not sure about what exactly they want to do in their career. If you belong to the latter group, here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular jobs for college graduates in United States.

Sales associate: If you like interacting with people and believe that you can influence their decision making, then this job will be most appropriate for you. Usually, there is no specific requirement for a sales associate, but it helps if you have done your majors in business or communication. Median base pay is $38,000 and there will be variable pay as well based on your performance.

Research assistant: If you have good analytical and observational skills, you can apply for a research assistant. Your primary responsibility will be to provide the necessary assistance to the main researcher. The type of research work can vary depending on the organization you join. Median base pay for research assistant is $28,855.

Administrative assistant: This will involve plenty of interactions with people, so you need to come across as a friendly, polite and supportive individual. You also need to have a good memory to be able to remember the tasks allocated to you. You will probably be working with managers, employees, vendors, partners and clients of the organization. Median base pay of administrative assistant is $40,000.

Data analyst: You can consider this option if you have done your majors in mathematics, economics or information technology. Your primary role will be to analyze organizational data and use software tools to generate reports, insights and trends. You could be working with a wide variety of data such as sales & marketing data, competitor analysis, customer related data, etc. Median base pay for data analyst is $60,000.

Marketing coordinator: For folks with majors in marketing, public relations and communications, the job of a marketing coordinator will be most appropriate. You will be assisting the marketing team with various tasks such as preparing marketing collaterals, handling internal and external communications, launching and managing marketing campaigns, and liaising with project managers for their marketing requirements. Median base pay of marketing coordinator is $43,000.

Make sure you do some more research on the above jobs to know if you will be the right fit or not. At the job interview also, you can ask the concerned person to provide a detailed explanation about your job role and responsibilities. It would be beneficial for your career if you choose something of your liking in your first job itself.

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